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Clock Tower Herald XVII Open Submissions: Until the 5th Day of the 3rd Moon

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  • Clock Tower Herald XVII Open Submissions: Until the 5th Day of the 3rd Moon

    12th Day, 2nd Moon, 20th YRA;

    The Clock Tower Herald is currently open to receive submissions for articles or ideas for articles. The guidelines are as follows:

    Who Can Submit?

    Anyone of any rank or status with the exception of criminals may submit an article that adheres to the other guidelines outlined below.

    What Can Be Submitted?
    Articles must focus on an aspect of castle life and/or culture. Obviously, this covers a wide variety of topics, but those that are favored generally discuss one specific aspect in detail, or else present something familiar in a new light. Your own creativity is the limit.

    The Clock Tower Herald also accepts:
    • Personal announcements such as weddings and/or proposals;
    • Guild announcements such as major changes or promotions;
    • Open positions within guilds and recruiting policies;
    • Poetry, stories, riddles, games, etc;
    • Lectures and/or Essays;
    Single-articles should run no longer than three paragraphs (but exceptions can always be made). Anything longer will be separated into more than one issue, depending on the length.
    If you plan on writing something longer, consider a short series instead. A series should be submitted in its entirety, however, to ensure the readers are not left without conclusion.

    Benefits To Submitting

    There are many benefits to submitting to the Clock Tower Herald.
    • Having the entire Castle read about your announcements or your written word;
    • Gaining coin for your submission from the Treasury;
    • Knowing that your work will be saved and looked at throughout history, your name will be remembered;

    Grounds For Refusal
    Submissions will be refused outright under the following conditions:
    • The submission contains blasphemous, obscene or treasonous content;
    • The submission targets a group or individual with the purpose of putting them down;
    • The submission is not signed or was submitted without/against the original author's consent;

    Submissions may also be refused for reasons not listed above at the discretion of the Clock Tower Herald staff. For context and those that are unfamiliar, here is a list of the previously-published Clock Tower Heralds:Where To Send Submissions
    Currently, you may send all submissions to any of the following individuals:
    • Sera Yazmin, Senior Chronicler
    Questions should be sent directly to sera Yazmin. We will be accepting submissions until the 5th Day of the 3rd Moon.