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Winter Ball Outfit Deadlines

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  • Winter Ball Outfit Deadlines

    *servant posted it*

    The deadline for Winter Ball outfits has been set as been provisionally set as this coming Sun's Day - with any custom attire required to be arriving as soon as possible. This is to give the crafters sufficient time to craft these garments.

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    Composed this Thirteenth Day of the Second Moon.


    Below is a list of Master Clothiers who can create custom garments, or those who can work with Courtly materials and dyes:
    • Mistress Ezraella, Lead Apprentice Seamstress
    • Ser Anton, Apprentice
    • Sera Trinity, Apprentice
    • Sera Calamity, Apprentice

    If you wish to discuss orders in person, do contact any of the above for appointment, if you are unable to make it to a clothing bell.