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CHAMBERS: The Daily Calendar of Events

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  • CHAMBERS: The Daily Calendar of Events

    The Local Bell Calendar is a list of regularly held bells for various crafters, weekly open bells, and socials.
    Annual and sporadic events are listed here.
    Please remember to send a missive to myself, Sera Setsuna, with all Calendar updates for regular weekly bells, and if your date/time is listed incorrectly.

    Please remember to include: Date and Time, Location, who is hosting, and if it hosted on behalf of a group or household.

    Also of import; when changing dates/times, please include the date/time of the event/bell you wish to remove so I do not double schedule. Thank you.

    Please pay careful attention, as the following bells have been removed/added this update:
    Latest Update:
    11th Moon, 6th day, 20th YRA

    I have clearly inked all changes in bolder script.
    • Duelist Code Lectures and Practices on Tuis day 10LB
    • Duelist Code Lectures and Practices on Thor's 3B
    • Unity Bells on Frey's 8LB

    Weekly Events

    Every Moons:
    12 LB - OB Practice Hall - Combat Practice/Instruction (Mistress Josie, Patron of the Duelists)
    6 LB - OB Cupola - Code Duello Lectures (Mistress Josie, Patron of the Duelists)

    Every Tuis:
    9 LB - OB Chancery Office - Chancery Open Bells (Sera Calamity, Chancery)
    10 LB - OB Jeweler's Office - Crafting Bell (Sera Kona, Jewelers)
    10LB - OB Practice Room - Duelist Code Lectures and Practices (Duelists)

    Every Wodens:
    12 LB - OB Chamberlain Office - Lord Chamberlain's Bells (Sir Launfal, Chambers)
    5 LB - IB Collegium Office - Open Collegium Bells (Lady Charmiam, Royal Collegium)
    9.5 LB - IB Royal Suite for His Excellency - Lord Boreas' Open Bells

    Every Thors:
    12 LB - OB Cupola - Code Duello Lectures (Mistress Josie, Patron of the Duelists)
    1 LB - IB Salon - Styling Bell (Mistress Josie, Stylists)
    7 LB - OB Clocktower Lounge - Open Chronicler's Bell (Sera Tine, Chroniclers)
    9 LB - OB Theatre - Artistic Endeavors (Mistress Josie, Instructor of the Arts - Unity)
    10 LB - OB Practice Room - Duelist Code Lectures and Practices (Duelists)

    Every Freys:
    6LB - IB Royal Library, Upper Floor - Lady Charmiam's Book Club (Lady Charmiam, her Household)
    7LB - IB Clothier Room - Clothier's Bell (Sera Calamity, Clothiers)
    8LB - OB Refectory - Unity Bell, Snow Sculpture (Sera Taite, Unity)

    Every Saturns:
    6LB - OB Cupola - Faith Discussions OB (Mistress Josie, Faith Natura)

    Every Suns:
    6LB - IB Chapel - Faith Discussions IB (Mistress Josie, Faith Natura)
    8LB - IB Clothier Room - Clothing Bell (Sera Calamity, Clothiers)

    Occurring every Moon:
    8LB - Inner Bailey Hall - First Saturns of each moon - Dinner with the households of Lord Dolph and Lady Ezraella (Lord Dolph/Lady Ezraella)
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    *this posting has been placed back into the fore*

    Please send me a missive if your bell needs to be on this calendar.

    If your bell is not on this calendar, or needs to stay on this calendar, please send me a missive with your weekly bell(s) including the following format:

    Day of the week, Time, Bell Name, Time, Location, Individual holding the bell/Group bell is for.

    Thank you,
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