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CHAMBERS: The Daily Calendar of Events

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  • CHAMBERS: The Daily Calendar of Events

    The Local Bell Calendar is a list of regularly held bells for various crafters, weekly open bells, and socials.
    Annual and sporadic events are listed here.
    Please remember to send a missive to myself, Sera Setsuna, with all Calendar updates for regular weekly bells, and if your date/time is listed incorrectly.

    Please remember to include: Date and Time, Location, who is hosting, and if it hosted on behalf of a group or household.

    Also of import; when changing dates/times, please include the date/time of the event/bell you wish to remove so I do not double schedule. Thank you.

    Please pay careful attention, as the following bells have been removed/added this update:
    Latest Update:
    6th Moon, 26th day, 20th YRA

    I have clearly inked all changes in bolder script.
    • Updates to bells and addition to week's end bells below

    Weekly Events

    Every Moons:
    12 LB - OB Practice Hall - Combat Practice/Instruction (Mistress Josie, Patron of the Duelists)
    6 LB - OB Cupola - Code Duello Lectures (Mistress Josie, Patron of the Duelists)

    Every Tuis:
    9 LB - OB Chancery Office - Chancery Open Bells (Sera Calamity, Chancery)

    Every Wodens:
    12 LB - OB Chamberlain Office - Lord Chamberlain's Bells (Sir Launfal, Chambers)
    9.5 LB - IB Royal Suite for His Excellency - Lord Boreas' Open Bells

    Every Thors:
    12 LB - OB Cupola - Code Duello Lectures (Mistress Josie, Patron of the Duelists)
    1 LB - IB Salon - Styling Bell (Mistress Josie, Stylists)
    7 LB - OB Clocktower Lounge - Chronicler's Bell (Sera Tine, Chroniclers)
    9 LB - OB Theatre - Artistic Endeavors (Mistress Josie, Instructor of the Arts - Unity)

    Every Freys:
    6LB - IB Royal Library, Upper Floor - Lady Charmiam's Book Club (Lady Charmiam, her Household)
    7LB - IB Clothier Room - Clothier's Bell (Sera Calamity, Clothiers)

    Every Saturns:
    6LB - OB Cupola - Faith Discussions OB (Mistress Josie, Faith Natura)

    Every Suns:
    6LB - IB Chapel - Faith Discussions IB (Mistress Josie, Faith Natura)
    8LB - IB Clothier Room - Clothing Bell (Sera Calamity, Clothiers)

    Occurring every Moon:
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    *this posting has been placed back into the fore*

    Please send me a missive if your bell needs to be on this calendar. At the start of the next week, I will be clearing all appointments from the daily bell calendar and starting it fresh, as some of these may no longer fit the weekly schedule due to people changing schedules and not updating. If your bell is not on this calendar, or needs to stay on this calendar, please send me a missive with your weekly bell(s) including the following format:

    Day of the week, Time, Bell Name, Time, Location, Individual holding the bell/Group bell is for.

    Thank you,