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Disposal of a Beastly Corpse - A Call for Common Laborers

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  • Disposal of a Beastly Corpse - A Call for Common Laborers

    To all common guests of the Outer Bailey,

    As Royal Engineer, I have been given the Crown's assent to commence with the project to dispose of the remains of the headless hydra corpse on the Outer Bailey battlement. This, however, is not the job of one person. The corpse is many tons and will require the work of many hands to accomplish the disposal. Therefore, as Royal Engineer I call upon the aid of all commoner guests of the Outer Bailey to aid in the disposal of the hydra's corpse.

    This task shall begin with a gathering at the 8th Late Bell on the 2nd Day of the 3rd Moon of this, the 20th Year of the Recent Awakenings in the Outer Bailey Lecture Hall.

    At that time, I will give a briefing as to the history of why a giant hydra corpse is on the battlements in the first place, as well as instructions of how we will dispose of it and, especially, how to do this in a safe manner.

    At the end of that lecture, special tools made of obsidian will be distributed, with preference given to those who donated obsidian to the Royal Armory to accomplish this task. Then, as additional tools are available, others will be equipped with the proper gear to aid in this task.

    Guests are expected to dress warmly and appropriately for the task. Be apprised that this is hard work, dirty work, exposed to the elements and the kind of menial work seen fit solely for commoners. I give all fair warning: powers-that-be may show extreme disfavor upon members of the Inner Bailey who lower themselves to partake in such manual, menial labor.

    However, on the other hand, the Court encourages the commoners and residents of the Outer Bailey of Castle Marrach to participate in this activity. I will be personally observing and supervising to see who shows great industry, diligence, and exertion in the efforts to clear our battlements of the beast's remains.

    Please write to me if you have any questions regarding this task,

    Squire Pete
    Royal Engineer

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    Today we had a very successful work night. A large audience attended the lecture at the 8th Late bell. Sir Alrik and Dame Galatea delivered a dozen tools and a barrel for the midden scraps.

    At the 9th Late bell the work detail then reported to the parapets. There will be a Chronicle to detail all the rest, so I will not go over more now. Just know that the work is far from over. We'll need to do more over additional nights.

    Right now we're scheduling to reconvene at 8 late bells on Sun's Day Evening, 3rd of the 3rd Moon. No lecture this time. Just come to the parapets.

    My sincere thanks to everyone who helped, both in the preparatory work needed for this clean up, as well as for everyone who showed up tonight for all the hard labor.

    Squire Pete
    Royal Engineer


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      After the second night's labor, for which I thank everyone who came to help, Sir Alrik has posted a guard to oversee the tools. The guard will make sure no tools are stolen. This means ye are all free to come and work on the disposal no matter what bell ye be awake.

      A reminder on safety:

      Do not eat the meat. Throw it away in the barrel.

      Anything else ye come across as ye dispose of the hydra's corpsicle is yours to keep, to give away, or to trade.

      Squire Pete
      Royal Engineer


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        Congratulations to Royal Engineer Master Pete for overseeing this project. It has been so successful that there is now only seven percent of the beast left. Anyone who wants to harvest should get in quick before it is all gone.

        Mistress Tine
        Chronicler of the Court
        Squire to Sir Edstave
        Junior Equerry to Lord Dolph Li'astri


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          The hydra is gone! Thank you to everyone who helped clean up, and a special thank you to Master Pete for the construction and overseeing the project, and also to Dame Eeva for the tools so we may complete the task.

          You are all amazing!

          ~~Sera Taite
          Honored Guest
          Acting Leader of the Awakeners
          Royal Page
          Keeper of Games
          Seeker in the Faith

          Currently studying sculpting as a:
          Member of the College of Humanities
          Masque in The Unity