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Notice: The Knight's Challenge, People's Choice Candidate

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  • Notice: The Knight's Challenge, People's Choice Candidate

    Good denizenry of Castle Marrach,

    Be advised that on this, the 4th Day of the 3rd Moon, during the 20th Year of Awakenings, the ballot box for the People's Choice Candidate has been placed on the center landing of the Grand Bridge opposite this bulletin board.

    The People's Choice Candidate for the Knight's Challenge is a tradition that began during the previous Knight's Challenge, the first Knight's Challenge of the new revision of Knight's Challenges. This individual is one person selected by the general populace to be your sponsored choice to enter and compete in the Knight's Challenge. They should, therefore, be a person that you view as exemplifying the aspects of chivalry and deserving at a chance of becoming a Knight.

    At the next Royal Court, all ballots will be collected and tallied. The single name most voted for within the collection will then be sponsored to enter this year's Knight's Challenge. Please bear in mind the following rules to participate in this honoured tradition:
    • Any individual regardless of intrinsic rank may enter a ballot.
    • A vote may be cast for any waking individual in the keep regardless of their intrinsic rank, save for those who are already Knighted.
    • Votes should not be cast for existing squires; Knights will sponsor their squires of their own accord if they feel said squire is ready for the challenge. Save your vote instead for someone who does not already have a Knight to dictate their participation.
    • All ballots must be signed by the writer.
    • Every writer is permitted a single ballot. If duplicates are submitted by the same individual, all ballots by the same author will be disqualified.
    • If, however, an error is made and you wish to change your vote, you may contact Dame Galatea before the date of ballot collection.
    • Ballots will be collected until the 5th Day of the 4th Moon, this Year.
    • Though denizenry are encouraged to vote, it is not a 'waste' to pass on submitting a ballot if all individuals you feel suitable for knighthood are already being sponsored for entry. To submit a ballot in this ceremony is a significant gesture that can change the course of a person's future, bear this in mind when deciding who, or if to submit one.

    By My Hand,
    Dame Galatea Raines
    Knight's Challenge Host, 20th Year of Awakenings
    "I am not afraid, I was born to do this."