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Lady Hieronyma LaSpara's Announcement on the Knight's Challenge

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  • Lady Hieronyma LaSpara's Announcement on the Knight's Challenge

    *this notice has been composed on a rather average scroll with a loose, blocky script, though with at least an attempt to keep the lettering straight and somewhat formal*

    Lady Hieronyma LaSpara, Royal Venefice, wants it to be known that she is looking for someone to sponsor for the Knight's Challenge. Anyone who's interested in the possibility of such should write to her with their skills, a bit of a paragraph on their understanding of the Virtues, and what experiences they've had. And, why they think that they are suitable for the honor of the challenge.

    This can be done until midnight on the eleventh day, in two days time. After that, she will interview whoever she feels strongly about.

    -posted for the Lady LaSpara


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    *slapped on top*


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      *Raised to the top*


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        You should probably stop raising this. Scrolls were requested by the 11th at midnight, which was over a week ago.
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          It must have been stuck to another scroll that I had brought forward. I will make sure to double check next time.

          Thank you.