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Notice of Exile: Ariel

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  • Notice of Exile: Ariel

    13D 3M 20YRA


    Hear Ye All Denizens of Castle Marrach

    From this day forth, let it be known that the Crown Has decreed the woman known as Ariel, having received her two beheadings, shall be exiled from the Castle under the normal terms of Exile, to live the rest of her life outside of Her Royal Majesty's realm. She is hereby officially declared an Enemy of the Crown and rendered unwelcome in Her Majesty's realm. If seen back in this Castle, she is to be treated as a foreign invader and struck down, then to face the furnace's fire and receive true death.

    So it is written and so it shall be. Let all who have understanding be aware of The Crown's just and merciful wisdom and let this stand as a lesson to all who would break Her Majesty's Laws.

    *Bearing the official mark and seal of the Office of Chancery*

    Sorcery Initiate
    Secretary to His Excellency, Lord Boreas
    Adjutant Prosecutor, Chancery
    Lead Inner Apprentice, Clothiers