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Don't forget to not remember

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  • Don't forget to not remember

    Members of the court may disappear for years
    and they are remembered
    Criminals avoid capture for decades
    and their crimes are remembered
    A hall of rememberering is to be decorated
    so those that have died are remembered

    Subjects are not to be talked about
    do not remember why
    clothing styles are banned
    do not remember why
    symbols you are not to use
    do not remember why

    Do not forget not to remember
    The First Initiate

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    You forgot the most important part

    You were brought here by Her Majesty
    Do not forget to remember
    You were given clothes the day you woke
    Do not forget to remember

    Do not forget to remember that you are blessed with much more than what we are to forget.

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      To the unsigned respondent,

      Whom has forgotten that Her Majesty brought us here?

      I do not disagree that the days when the Awakeners numbered in the fifties have gone. It may be true that perhaps more than myself were not given clothes their first day. But they are a decent example of commoner hospitality compared with the inhospitality of some within the court. Perhaps if more remembered the history of the Awakener's they may have different perspectives. But this only further enforces how much has been forgotten. Arbitrary appearing concepts are used to beat down those that have no reference to comprehend. Is ignorance so desirable?

      The First Initiate



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