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What Was Worn To Royal Court - 7th Day, 4th Moon, 20th Year of Recent Awakenings

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  • Anton
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    A Detailed Look at What Was Worn:

    Writer's note - If you would like a copy of this in a pamphlet, or the previous commentary, please do get in touch and one can be provided.

    Her Majesty, Queen Vivienne's gown continued to display Her Majesty's tastes and preference for trumpet sleeved gowns. Featuring a beautiful split at the mid-bicep, the refined fabric tumbled with such grace to Her Majesty's sides - before being finished off with a superb metal-hued embroidery. The neckline, also, featured the same embroidery with the excellent addition of small pearls to finish off the neckline's hem. Something we have not seen before in the Castle's fashion history and, therefore, certainly a trend for others to pick up upon. Being a formal stately event, there was no train upon the gown.

    Commander Eeva was wearing an adapted form of uniform, with a strong formal twist to it with the all-white look. The off-the-shoulder cape was an excellent twist on the sword cape, and the silver-plated double-wrapped belt replacing a leather belt was excellent. We saw the same from Lady Charmiam replacing a fabric girdle for a metal one. The First Acolyte Mistress Adayne was in a silvery-gold gown, with a split v-necked front, that matched the white-gold jewellery. A perfect unison between jewellery and clothing. Metallic Lace was also a very popular detail this year from a number of guests favouring it over the more thin silk-based laces like Gossamer or Tulle. The Handmaidens and Lady Sinvy appeared as an advertisement of the newly released Clothier dyes and fabrics, the sleeves of their gowns also paying a beautiful homage to Her Majesty with the pearl sleeves. This author, Anton donned the buckled lambskin shoes along with a richly embroidered doublet which detailed a dazzling array of tiny snowflakes across the front and back of the doublet with the sleeves kept bare for a striking difference and emphasis the patterns.

    Tunics were also very popular this year with a number of men wearing theirs to court, presented in a well structured and formal way. An overcoat, vest or other thicker fabric layer over the top of these were very fashionable. We also saw, for women of the Court, the continued popularity and homage to Her Majesty's preference - and therefore the Courtly fashion - for trumpet-sleeved gowns with Mistresses Blodwen and Josie both wearing one. Otherwise were were several kirtles own, all with overgowns as well to ensure they were properly one. There was one unique choice of a sleeveless gown, with a chemise and no segmented sleeves, which did stand out.
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  • What Was Worn To Royal Court - 7th Day, 4th Moon, 20th Year of Recent Awakenings

    What Was Worn To Royal Court - 7th Day, 4th Moon, 20th Year of Recent Awakenings

    For those who are interested to see what was worn by those who did attend, and now in alphabetical order with those who were promoted during the Royal Court filtered into their new rank. Congratulations to those.

    [OOC - A long list and drawings of clothing]

    If you would like to update your section with a custom piece that I may have missed, please do send forth a scroll and I shall see to it. This includes custom jewellery as well.

    I shall be writing an additional piece to go along with this over the next day to highlight some of the quite excellent attire on show this year.

    With Regards,

    Master Anton Blake