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Royal Page Training Program: Every Monday and Friday

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  • Royal Page Training Program: Every Monday and Friday

    Writ this 14th Day of the 4th Moon, 20th YRA.

    All Pages and those who wish to become Pages,

    The Office of Royal Orders is pleased to announce that the Royal Page Training Program is accepting applicants. Those who wish to join this prestigious institution will undergo several lectures, regular meetings, and hands-on lessons.

    Page Training will take place every Monday at Noon, and every Friday at 5 Late in the Office of the Chambers. Those who have an interest may write to me, Mistress Lilly, to be accepted into the Program.

    Attention Hosts of Outer and Inner Bailey Socials, Functions and Events: if you are hosting events, socials or a function, feel free to call upon all fully sworn Pages and Pages in Training to help you.

    Services the Pages in Training can provide:
    • Offering food and drink to guests
    • Holding items for guests
    • Placing items in a package and leaving said items with a courier, for a guest.
    • Clean up and set up of Socials

    Hosts of Events:
    • If you would send me a report after one of these Pages In Training has assisted you with a review of their work, that would be appreciated and helpful in guiding these Pages to be the best Pages they can be.

    By my hand,

    Lillian Grace, Chief Scribe of the Chambers

    Lillian-Rose Annabella Grace (aka "Lilly")
    * Courtier
    * Royal Jeweler
    * Chief Scribe of the Chambers