Greetings Denizens ~

In light of the recent dangers, I shall be hosting a series of classes covering patient assessment, triage, what and what not to do in cases of emergency and dangers. Nurse Vasilisa shall be covering other topics that will better help one understand how to assist a patient in need of care until a trained Healer can arrive. She shall post such times for these classes at her leisure.

If not under attack, I shall host multiple lectures of the same topic to try and accommodate those whose waking bells differ. They are presently schedule as thus:

Tonight: 18th Day from 8 to 10 Late Bells
Friday: 19th Day: from 4 to 6 Late Bells

Next Week's Schedule will be posted if such is needed. These times may change dependent upon the circumstances with the Castle and my duties with the Militia.

Please note all Healers are welcomed and encouraged to join me and assist.

I pray you all keep safe and well. I very much hope I shall see you tonight in the Refectory. May Strength Ever Grace Thy Quests ~