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  • Kindness for Kindness

    Not many are given praise for their kindness publicly especially when it is much deserved. I for one shall do so publicly to give thanks to those that have helped me in my time of need and those that have helped others. I would like to thank firstly sera Diana, for always being their and literally saving my life. For my friends Kona and Alyndra and Taite for making me laugh. Tine for just being her bubbly self and keeping my mood high. Vasilisa for the kick in the rear when I need it. And last but not least to Mistress Adeline for the generous gifts she has given me to lift my spirits. To those and all I am truly grateful.

    I may not have the gift to match yours but I hope this song will do for now.

    Who is Adeline? what is she,
    That all our hearts commend her?
    Holy, fair, and generous is she;
    The heaven such grace did lend her,
    That we might admire she.

    Is she kind as she is fair?
    For generosity lives with kindness.
    Love doth to her eyes repair,
    To help him of his blindness;
    And, being helped, inhabits there.

    Then to Adeline let us sing,
    That Adeline is excelling;
    She excels each mortal thing
    Upon the dull earth dwelling;
    To her let us thankfulness bring

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    Ser Rider, this was unnecessary, but very much appreciated. Thank you for your kindness!

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