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Open Discussion for the Castle Writers

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  • BladeofCrimson
    started a topic Open Discussion for the Castle Writers

    Open Discussion for the Castle Writers

    I am trying to determine what sort of books are desired by the denizens of the castle. This compiled list will let the writers of the castle know what types of book the readers desire. Feel free to send a scroll to me and list any type of books that you think will improve the selection for the library. Below are some that have already been suggested.

    (1). Books on Knights
    (2). Beauty tips
    (3). Building Manuals
    (4). Gems and crafting
    (5). Woodcraft and tools
    (6). Weapons and proper use of them.

    Some of these can be best learned from the crafters. Though a book on such would make interesting reading.

    Assistant Librarian,

    Elora Winslet

  • BladeofCrimson
    Thank you, Mistress. This does indeed help. Our castle writers will have a lot to work with.

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  • Josie_Brennan
    Histories/Biographies of Knights and Nobles (whatever they might be open to sharing)
    Perspectives on the Code Duello
    Perspectives on the Chivalric Virtues
    Updated Courtesy books
    So You Want to be a _____________ books: These would chart out the usual paths to get from newly awoken to a desired position, based on the learnings of the writer.
    General Biographies - telling the journey of any single individual who wishes to share it

    Hope this helps!

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