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A Ritual of Remembrance

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  • A Ritual of Remembrance

    I post this 20th day of the 5th moon to speak on those that do not walk the halls.

    As the years go by, many we have known no longer walk these halls. Some have been lost forever. Others though only sleep. Some of us that have slept wake again after weeks, moons, years or even a decade or two. This evening, at the stroke of midnight, I will be leading a remembrance for some of those that sleep. Should you be interested, bring a scroll on which you have written the name and a strong memory of one whom sleeps and you wish walked the halls again. If you wish to bring a candle as well, that would be appropriate. Additionally, should you wish for your memory to remain private, mark your scroll appropriately. We will gather in the hall between the shrine and the opal archway. This is a solitary passage so we should not be disturbed.

    With the blessing of the Society of Rememberers, I ask those interested to attend this ritual to remember those that sleep.

    Outer Bailey
    Ritual of Remembrance
    Monday the 20th at midnight
    solitary passage between the shrine and opal archway

    Initiate Ra'Dorcha, First Initiate bound by Elea

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    Thank you to those that attended last night. I know that it was a bit rough around the edges but I feel that all found it to be helpful.

    Initiate Ra'Dorcha, First Initiate bound by Elea