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The 4th Knight's Challenge, Commencement

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  • The 4th Knight's Challenge, Commencement

    Genteel denizens of Castle Marrach and loyal subjects of Her Majesty,

    Be advised, on this, the 1st Day of the 6th Moon, this 20th Year of Awakenings, the 4th Knight's Challenge of the Current Awakenings has commenced. During this period, candidates of the Knight's Challenge will undergo a series of trials to demonstrate their chivalry, in hopes of being elevated themselves as Ordained Knights of Castle Marrach.

    The trials of the Knight's Challenge are arduous and bring with them a number of risks, up to and including death, but it is the hope of the Chivalry of Castle Marrach that once these trials are complete, the ranks of Castle Marrach's Knighthood will be further bolstered with virtuous champions of honour.

    The majority of these trials are strictly secret, known only to Ordained Knights of the Realm, but a number of trials are public ones that all of Her Majesty's subjects are permitted and encouraged to participate in, these include The Trial of the Inspiring Heart, The Trial of the Virtuous Adventurer and The Trial of the Mentor, all of which shall commence at the start of the Knight's Challenge and run throughout its duration. Additionally, the Knight's Challenge martial tournament of arms known as The Trial of Martial Might is an open tournament for all martial subjects of the realm from all the Realm's bailies to participate in.

    To those entering the Knight's Challenge, I wish you the best of fortune in your trials.

    By My Hand,
    Dame Galatea Raines,
    Host of the Knight's Challenge
    "I am not afraid, I was born to do this."