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The 4th Knight's Challenge, The Trial of the Inspiring Heart

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  • The 4th Knight's Challenge, The Trial of the Inspiring Heart

    Loyal subjects of Her Majesty,

    Let it be known that on this day, the 1st Day of the 6th Moon, this 20th Year of Awakenings, The Trial of the Inspiring Heart has officially commenced.

    It is said that the truest sign of a Knight is that the people around him or her look up to them and see them as such. A Knight's role first and foremost is to set an example for others, and in so doing, he or she inspires them to greatness. For this trial of the Knight's Challenge, all subjects of the Queen are granted the opportunity to have your say on whether you feel a given candidate meets this description in your own heart.

    In the center of the Grand Bridge has been set a stone pedestal, upon which rests a magic orb. All subjects of the Queen are permitted to press upon this orb and express their sentiments as to whether they feel a candidate inspires them via exemplification of the Honour Virtues.


    These include, in short reference:

    Courtesy: The candidate consistently conforms to, demonstrates, and encourages within others the proper courtly decorum of the Winter Court.

    Courage: The candidate is willing to face situations where their own well being is in peril, be it physical or social well being, in particular in cases where they have the option not to face that peril but choose to anyway.

    Charity: The candidate gives freely unto others, be it physical goods and services or time, patience, guidance or comfort.

    Fortitude: The candidate shows resilience in exhaustive tasks, in a social setting this is particularly demonstrated in work ethic and commitment to their guild, household or other duties.

    Franchise: The candidate has taken an interest in the ways of virtue for self betterment and for the greater good of the realm without interest in self gain, and furthermore has aided others in doing the same by spreading knowledge of the virtues or otherwise helping others to find and walk the path of honour.

    Gallantry: The candidate is visibly impressive, stylish, elegant or artistic, this trait refers largely to the visual impressiveness or flair of an individual.

    Honesty: The candidate speaks truths and moreover avoids omitting the truth, in particular in cases where it would benefit them to do otherwise, and additionally keeps their word when given.

    Justice: The candidate gives due justice where it has been deserved, both by rewarding or acknowledging those who deserve praise and punishing or admonishing those who have committed ill deed.

    Loyalty: The candidate stands by his or her comrades or ideals even in cases where doing so comes at risk or inconvenience to himself or herself.

    Mercy: The candidate is willing to show forgiveness or compassion, particularly towards those who have done them ill personally.

    Prowess: The candidate excels at overcoming challenges presented to them, be they martial, mental or otherwise, and is consistently capable at getting things done.


    Taking all of the above criteria into account, participants in this trial should vote as such:

    1: I do not believe the candidate at all represents the virtues described above. To me he or she contradicts the very tenets knighthood is meant to espouse.

    2: Though not inherently unvirtuous, I do not believe the candidate has a proper understanding of or effectively displays most of the virtues described above.

    3: I feel the candidate attempts to uphold the Honour Virtues described above and does so with some noteworthiness.

    4: I believe the candidate to be a strong example of the Honour Virtues described above and have regularly witnessed those virtues being practiced by the candidate.

    5: The candidate consistently exemplifies the Honour Virtues in their truest fashion and furthermore passes them on to others, inspiring them to better themselves.

    All subjects participating in this trial, please be aware that upon sealing thy vote within the orb, the cast vote is final. To make any changes, one must contact the Knight's Challenge host to attempt to have it rectified.

    [OOC: Press pedestal's orb "<candidate name> <rating number>]

    By My Hand,
    Dame Galatea Raines,
    Host of the Knight's Challenge
    "I am not afraid, I was born to do this."

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    OOC: For clarification, you are not ranking the KC participants from the one you favor most (5) to the one you favor least (1). You are taking them each individually into consideration and can rank them any number 1-5 based on how well they separately display the virtues. You could vote 3s for all of them if you wanted. Apologies for noting on this assist, but this has come up a time or two and seems to be confusing people.
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