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The 4th Knight's Challenge, Open Tournament of Arms

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  • The 4th Knight's Challenge, Open Tournament of Arms

    Denizens of Castle Marrach,

    Let it be known, the Knights Challenge Tournament of Arms is hereby announced.

    This event is a castle wide tournament of arms open to all loyal subjects of Her Majesty Queen Vivienne, including those from the Inner and Outer Bailies, as well as the Duchy of Rumiss. All candidates for the Knight's Challenge are expected to participate and test their martial prowess against each other and their fellow castle denizenry.

    This tournament shall be held in elimination style with a series of rebated weapons provided by the tournament hosts. Matches will be fought to best-of-five, with the first individual to score three hits winning the set and moving on to the next tier. Prizes will be granted at every tier of progression, with the grand prize of a custom weapon to the winner's specifications (within some limitations) being crafted by the Armoury's fine smiths.

    All interested parties should pen missive to myself as soon as possible, indicating interest as well as your waking availability for the duration of this 6th Moon. Note that scheduling priority will be given to the Knight's Challenge candidates foremost.

    [OOC: Matches will be fought using Duel 2 for the first bout and MCombat for the second, after which the loser of any round chooses the system to be used for the following round]

    By My Hand,
    Dame Galatea Raines,
    Host of the Knight's Challenge
    "I am not afraid, I was born to do this."