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I am scheduling a downtime for all SkotOS machines from 11am-1pm PT on Wednesday.
  • Marrach will be going down to upgrade its Operating System
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Survey - OB Entertaining Bells and Events

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  • Survey - OB Entertaining Bells and Events

    Written this 3rd day of the 6th moon, 20th YRA


    In an attempt to find out what entertaining bells and events people enjoy, I have created a survey. I ask that all Outer Bailey residents send me (sera Taite) a scroll answering the questions below.

    The survey is to help me decide what bells and events should be held, so I could focus more on what everyone wants.

    Please write the question first before answering. The more answers you give, the more variety of events there is to choose from.

    1. What types of small game bells do you enjoy?
    Note: This includes bells that take less than a day to prepare for, such as cards, dice, snowball fights.

    2. What types of larger bells do you enjoy?
    Note: These are bells that I can put together that take about a week or more to prepare for. These types of bells include tournaments, smaller celebrations, scavenger hunts.

    3. What types of events do you enjoy that requires participation from other denizens before the event?
    Note: These types of bells take about a moon to plan, as I need people to let me know they want to help, but also gives me enough time to follow up to make sure they are still interested. These types of events include multi-bell events such as the circus or an event like the talent show.

    4. Do you enjoy bells and events that have been altered in different ways to make them more unique, or do you like them to be the same?
    Example: A snowball fight...or a snowball fight with everyone wearing blindfolds?

    5. Do you have any other suggestions or comments that you would like to share?

    I would like to thank you, in advance, for your responses.

    Keep being amazing!

    Keeper of Games
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    *Brought Forward*


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      I'll pay a silver to each denizen who completes this survey for sera Taite. She can send me a list of the names when the window for responding closes.

      Acolyte Natura of the Faith
      Head of Household for her Ladyship Sinvy
      Leader of the Stylists
      Mistress of Entertainments
      Patron of the Duelists
      Royal Artist
      Ranger Recruit
      Squire to Dame Galatea


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        I have not received any scrolls, yet.


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          I sent you a scroll about a week or more ago. If it's lost let me know and I'll send another one.

          Senior Chronicler
          Secretary to Lord Dolph Li'astri


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            I found it. Thank you, Tine! I will put it in a folder right away so I don't misplace it, again.

            I was reading over your answers. They are really good. Thank you.


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              I was told during charades that people want an Outer Bailey ball. To help me with planning things that people want, the survey will help me tremendously, not only for events now, but also in the future.

              Any attempts made to help me with my endeavors on bringing entertainment to the Outer Bailey will be greatly appreciated.

              Thank you.