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Impromptu Outer Bailey Event!

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  • Impromptu Outer Bailey Event!

    Hey folks!

    So, there's this fancy smancy Sparkly Ball going on tonight in the Inner!

    Are you not in a household or not of the proper rank to go?


    I will be in the Dining hall in the Outer Bailey, telling stories, having general fun, and maybe even showing off toys, who knows.

    Wait did I say Dining Hall? That's silly. There's a toy machine up stairs! Let's change that.

    Come up to the Bowling Lounge where the toy machine is. That's more convenient.

    Everyone is invited, no matter your rank. I encourage those of you that can attend the sparkle ball to do so, though. That takes priority! If you really really really wanted to like, pop up in both locations, don't leave them to see me! Just send me a scroll and I'll make it up to you later.

    -Juniper "Smiles" Nacklebell - Toymaker and Funmaker