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CHAMBERS: Room Reservations and Monthly Calendars

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  • CHAMBERS: Room Reservations and Monthly Calendars

    Room Reservation & Calendar of Events

    The following file (( ooc: )) can be requested for update at any time by sending a scroll to me, Scribe Setsuna, with request of date/time/location for your event.

    Please note that this request is not for regular weekly bells. This is for one-time events (balls, special tournaments, etc) that require planning ahead of time. As such, we request that you send these reservations as early as possible in order to ensure the room is reserved. Space is on a first come, first serve basis, but rank will hold precedence as always.

    Please note that if your event is NOT listed on this calendar, it means I do not have it scheduled! Please advise if this is the case, as individuals often plan their events based on this calendar.

    This posting will contain events of the moon, and be updated every moon, and as events are added.

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    Events for this Year of 20YRA

    8th moon
    • 23rd Day, a Fri's - OB Theater - Improvised Theatre Game (sera Taite)
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      Upcoming Events for this Year of 20YRA

      11th moon
      • 11th day of the 11th moon (Moon's Day) through the 17th day of the 11th moon (Sun's Day): Yarrrnival! - hosted by the Household of Lady Sinvy (Mixture of events to be announced later)

      Upcoming Events for next Year of 21YRA

      1st moon
      • 10th day of the 1st moon, Frey's, 8LB - 11LB, the Winter Ball - Hosted by the Mistress of Entertainments, (IB Exclusive event)
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