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  • Just Remember I Love You ...

    With the recent events, I wanted to write a small message for everyone I consider a friend.
    If your name is not here, it does not mean I do not care for you.
    It means I have not had the time to formally get to know you and I hope that I have the chance to.

    We never know when things will suddenly end and I never want to regret not telling each one of you how you have impacted my life in some form.
    I encourage everyone to write something special for the people you love, respect, or admire.

    Her Royal Majesty:My Queen! You are most caring and compassionate, more than anyone I know. Since coming here, I always knew I loved you and was grateful for the second chance at life. However, upon meeting and speaking with you I have grown to love you so much deeper. You remind me to treat others with love and patience, to let people redeem themselves, and to share kindness whenever there is an opportunity to do so. Thank you, my Queen, for bringing us to this realm and loving us, I will never be able to repay you but I will loyally spend my life trying.

    His Royal Excellency: You are the most intimidating person that I know, but also the most loving for Our Queen. It gives me hope to see how dearly you care for my Queen. Hope that we may all be able to find a piece of happiness like the two of you have found. I am grateful she and this castle have you, and I am honored each time I get to be in your presence.


    Lady Amoret: Lady Amoret, you taught me so many fundamental lessons about being a Lady. I doubt I will ever measure up to your effortless grace, but you have given me the tools I need to do my best. In many ways, you prepared me for life in the Inner Bailey and I thank you for taking a chance on me when not many would.

    Lady Charmiam: Ladyship, you are such an easy person to speak to. I've spoken to you about things that I do not know if I could tell others. You make me feel safe and comfortable when it comes to my feelings. Thank you so much for waking when you did, I do not know how life would be if I had not met you.

    Lord Dolph: Lord Dolph, you are another who makes it easy when it comes to discussing my feelings. You can be stern, but you are also gentle, funny, and kind for those who get to know you. Not to mention you've saved my life so many times! This is why you only get the best of my toys for your collection!

    Lady Etaine: Our time together was short, but you were the first noble I had ever met. You were powerful, humorous, patient, and so smart. I wish I had more time to explore the friendship that was building between us, but the memory of you will forever remain in my heart.

    Lady Ezraella: Lady Ezraella, if I were only allowed to have one best friend it would be you. There are too many words and none are fully sufficient enough to explain what you mean to me. All I can say is that I am grateful for you and the friendship you honor me with.

    Lady Rayna: Lady Rayna, you brought me into the Treasury and allowed me to prove that I could do more than just what I boxed myself into doing. You also gave me the freedom to spread my wings and try new things while keeping a gentle hand on my shoulder. Thank you for every piece of advice you have given me and for trusting me to continue your work.

    Lady Sinvy: Lady Sinvy, you teach me to be bold and confident and to do it with class. I look up to you so very much, and you have helped me find my path in more ways than one. Whenever I need advice, you are the first person I go to because I know you always have my best interest at heart and you know just what to do. I am so grateful to have met you, and I hope to one day be half as amazing as you are.

    Duchess Oriana: Duchess, I do not know you well and will not pretend to. However, the parts of you that I have gotten to know have caused me to be in awe with you. So many times you go out your way to assist others merely because you have a good heart. You are so selfless and loving, and I don't think I will ever be able to fully thank you for the things you have done and likely will do. I am grateful for you and I care about you.

    Dame Eeva: Dame Eeva, I look up to you more than you may know. I know we do not often agree on things, but I still respect you wholeheartedly. You have done things for this castle, for me, for Her Majesty that many would not do. You are genuine in all your actions, it is clear that you want everyone to be the best version of themselves. Thank you for all that you do.

    Dame Galatea: Dame Galatea, you are a wonderful mix of both soft and hard, gentle but strong. Showing us that female fighters can still be feminine without relinquishing their strength. I know that no matter what happens in this castle, you will always be there to lead us through it. You are an inspiration to everyone.

    Sir Howe: You are an unusual Knight and I promise that is meant in a flattering way. You are nothing I ever expected to find in a friend, but something I need in my life. You slowly became a mentor and one of my best friends in the castle; I dearly miss our time together.

    ~Only the very weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry~


    Royal Librarian
    Handmaiden to Her Majesty
    Lead Apprentice Jeweler
    Lady Treasurer (acting)
    Courtier of the Winter Court

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    Adahn: You have assisted in saving this castle more times than I can count. Not only does your presence make me feel safe, you have such a big heart and not afraid to show it. I love that about you, and I hope you never change it for anyone.

    Mistress Blodwen: Mistress, I think it is clear how much I care for you. If you do not know, then please know that you are secretly one of my best friends. We do not speak often, but when we do I find myself wishing we had more time. You are clever, impressively skilled, hilarious, and honest. Thank you for being unconditionally you.

    Mistress Brook: Mistress Brook, you have the biggest heart of the castle. I love how you are always able to look past the mistake of others to see the good within. If only we could have more of you, our dark times would be fewer.

    Master Edstave: Never has there been a more gentlemanly man than yourself. You almost seem perfect in truth. Not only are courteous, but you also honest, kind, intelligent and honorable. I especially remember your compassion towards a specific situation we were both determined to see to the end. Your compassion for others is beyond amazing, it was then that I knew we would always be friends.

    Mistress Heulyn: Mistress, I love you so much. You are a teacher, a friend, a defender, and a sister to me. What we have is special, I only wish I could give you half as much as you give me. I doubt I will accomplish it, but I will never stop trying.

    Master Jeffery: Master Jeffery, you are unique in every way possible. I had never met someone like you before, but it's what I love the most about you, you don't conform yourself to the expected. Not just because of your relaxed demeanor or the deep-rooted care for others, but you are just special overall. Your humor is dry and something I did not know I would miss, but I do and I look forward to the day we meet again, my friend.

    Mistress Josie: Mistress, you and I woke in this castle at the same time, and I honestly see you as one would a sister. You are so creative, witty, smart, beautiful, and an all-around joy to be around. I am glad we got to experience this castle together and I look forward to many more years.

    Mistress Juliana: Mistress Juliana, you helped me so much in this castle. When I first came to you as just a librarian Adeline with nothing to offer, you took me under your wings and helped me establish myself. If not for you and Lady Amoret, I do not know if I would be here today. So thank you and please know how fond you are to me.

    Master Kaspar: Kaspar, goodness am I lucky I met you when I did. You are like a brother I never knew I wanted until we met. We don't speak as often as we once did, but you will forever hold a piece of my heart. I wish you would wake more!

    Mistress Lilly: I can never thank you enough for bringing me into the Jewelers and being my friend. From the sparkling jewels to your bubbly personality, I could not have chosen a better craft for me. I love how you are always so happy and eager to help and do it with a pleasant demeanor. You are truly one of a kind woman!

    Mistress Mena: We have not known each other for long, but it feels like years in truth. You and I are alike in so many ways that I have to hug you just to make sure you truly exist. I am grateful you chose this moment to wake, or I would surely be forlorn to miss your presence.

    Mistress Merrynn: Merrynn the Berry amazing Doctor. You are amusing, lighthearted, caring, and so easy to speak with. I cherish every time I get to be near you and bask in your happiness. Please wake soon.

    Master Pete: Master Pete, we have had our up and downs in our friendship, but I find it hard to ever consider you as anything less than a friend. I enjoy your positive attitude and jovial smile each time I see you. I hope that our friendship will continue to grow.

    Mistress Tristana: Mistress Tristana, I am still getting to know you in truth. However, I respect your work ethic so much! You inspire me to continue working even when it gets hard and that is something I've kept with me before we even met. The work you have done by the Treasury is amazing, I recall reading about you and excitedly hoping to one day meet you. Now that I have, I could never go back to not knowing you. You are a strong woman and a hard worker!


    Atmos: I would not call us friends, mainly because I am certain you would deny it. Even so, you do hold a place in my heart and always will. Even though we come from different worlds, deep down I know for certain that you are such a kind person. I still have the item you gave to comfort me after the attack on my life. Thank you, Atmos.

    Mistress Auriela: Auriela, you are an incredible woman. How you handle so many tasks is beyond me, but I admire and appreciate it. Strength, beauty, and willingness to help everyone all wrapped up in one dainty package. You are a gem and I could not have a better assistant!

    Brohm: Brohm, you keep a smile on my face even in the darkest of times. I truly wish you would wake because the castle will never be the same unless you wake.

    Calamity: Sera Calamity, I recall when we first met in the Outer Library and how you shocked me more than anyone else ever had. How you took on so many books without one complaint and then asked if I needed more help. I was surely convinced you were not real, yet here we are today and you still have that admirable determination to any task. You are without a doubt one of my longest and fondest of friends, I truly miss the days when we sat in the library together to work or just speak.

    Diana: Diana, you and I have a long history within this castle. When I was new to the castle, I was very shy and self-conscious, which caused me to fail at making friends. However, you took a chance on me and named me your assistant. I will never forget the kindness you gave me when I did not even believe in myself. Thank you for that and I hope to one day give that same kindness to another.

    Elora: Sera Elora, you make me smile so much it hurts. You have the determination of a bull, and I mean that in the most flattering way. Things do not always go well for you, but you do not allow them to keep you down. You rise and stand stronger than you were previously, you remind me that things are only impossible if I give up. Please, never let that spark in your heart go out.

    Juliee: Juliee! First, I truly wish you would wake because I miss your beautiful smiling face. You make me happy an excited about life no matter how bad situations are. You and Brohm together are my bright lights in the dark, and I shall never get enough of you.

    Meoris: I have only ever romantically loved two men in my life, and you are one of them. I regret that you took to rest, but I am grateful to have our memories. You make me feel beautiful and special, something I did not expect to ever feel again. Thank you for everything you have given me and helped me experience. I look forward to the day when we will meet again, my friend.

    Meryl: Sera Meryl, you have the strength of a giant! I do not know many people who could pull themselves back up with the grace that you have. You are modest, patient, and eager to prove yourself. It is why I adore you so much, I can't wait to see your rise to glory once more. Please do not ever change!

    Nariseth: Sera Nariseth, such a quiet beauty you are. I am always honored when I get the rare experience of speaking at length with you. I wish you did it more because you are truly brilliant and funny. I know for a fact that you will go far in this castle.

    Quinlan: It is very hard to write about you, Quinlan. You were my first love and my goodness have you set the bar high for my expectations. You showed me what a healthy relationship looks like and I miss you more than anything. You always kept me laughing and made me feel truly felt loved. I don't think I will ever find anyone like you again.

    Taite: Sera Taite, you have one of the best hearts in the castle. It seems like your every action is done while thinking of others which is something that speaks to my own heart. You care so much for others and I don't know how you contain so much love in your own. Thank you for always being there not only for me, but for the castle.

    Theresa: Dearest Theresa, Oh how I wish you would wake! I have many friends as you can see, but none like you. You make my life exciting and entertaining, you keep me from working too hard and make sure I stop and take time to enjoy the life we have. The Secret Society of Cheese is still my favorite by far and I shall do my best to keep it alive until you return.

    ~Only the very weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry~


    Royal Librarian
    Handmaiden to Her Majesty
    Lead Apprentice Jeweler
    Lady Treasurer (acting)
    Courtier of the Winter Court


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      Mistress Adeline: Thank you so much for your kind words. It mean more than you know to have a friend like you. You are gentle, giving, loving and very patient. Even when you make corrections about mistakes made you are always gentle and try to give people the benefit of the doubt. You don't seek favor- but you certainly deserve it. Your hard work shows in everything you do. I am honored to call you my friend. Thank you for just being you. You are a beautiful person both inside and out. May the road you travel bring you joy. signed, Elora Winslet.
      ~Elora Winslet~

      Royal Page
      Battler Teacher
      Librarian Inner/Outer