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  • Battle Guild Practice

    I will be holding a practice at the 8th late bell this evening. In addition to the usual sword and combat training we will be discussing weapon use and offensive strategies, particularly with regard to various different monstrous adversaries that exist in the Castle and its environs.

    As always the bell will be open to all law-abiding denizens of the Castle, with priority in instruction given to Battler students and the newly-awoken.

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    There shall be another practice this evening (the 20th day) at the 7th late bell. It will be accompanied by a brief discussion of weapon use and tactics.


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      I will be hosting a practice at the 7th late bell this evening (Woden's day the 9th) in the practice hall. All are welcome to attend, but priority in training will be given to Battlers and newly-awoken guests.

      The subject of discussion shall be offensive strategies with various weapons.