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A reminder to new and returning guests regarding attire

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  • A reminder to new and returning guests regarding attire

    According to the Courtesy in a Nutshell writings, which should be one that many aspire to reflect upon and can be found on the public records here:

    A woman should not loiter about in inappropriate attire; ie: martial attire, outside of listed martial practices. Once a practice has concluded, they are expected to change garb. Duelists, Watchwomen (Royal Guard/Rangers) and Knights are exempt, though encouraged to dress femininely when pants are not needed.

    While this may exclude those in the Knight's Challenge, no commoner woman not actively in a martial practice should be wearing pants for everyday attire.

    Royal Chief of Medicine
    Noble of Her Majesty's Royal Court
    Avowed Seeker of the Faith

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    *a little note is pinned below*

    4. Do not force your views, beliefs or ideologies upon others, even the philosophy of Balance itself.

    5. Do not close yourself off to Change or hold yourself immovable to any one doctrine, theory or ideology.