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Notice of Sentence Rendered: ALYNDRA

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  • Notice of Sentence Rendered: ALYNDRA

    Hear ye, denizens of Castle Marrach,

    Let it be known that for the crime of Consortion [3.1.29A], under the terms of Her Majesty's Capitulary, sera Alyndra is sentenced to one moon of destraint, the conditions of which follow;

    - In accordance with the will of the Crown and the Chancery, the criminal is to be stripped of all possessions down to the flesh and placed in brown burlap prisoner garb, complete with a marked robe.

    - The prisoner is to be manacled, shackled and fitted with a destraint bracelet, barring her entry to her guest room. During this period of time she will sleep in a designated room in the hallway betwixt the new guest rooms and the privvies.

    - While under destraint the criminal may not own any possessions, nor belong to any guilds, groups or organizations within the Keep. Law enforcement officials may search her person at any time for such effects, which will bear further consequences if found.

    - The criminal may not duel during this period of time, as she is held in contempt and considered to be honorless.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    May this serve as a warning and a lesson in Justice to all who might seek to subvert the peace and order of the Realm.

    **Bearing the official mark and seal of the Office of Chancery**