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Poetic Memories - Please turn in all submissions by 30th of this moon

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  • Taite
    Need 6 more submissions to fill a book.

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  • Taite
    Breaking A Silence
    by sera Nariseth

    I remember, stepping out into the chill
    Leaving warmth behind for white-sharp shrill.

    Powdered ice beneath my soles and toes,
    A spirit lost in shivering, fearful woes.

    Time was passed, spent venturing alone
    When from the hall a light, a voice shone.

    Soon enough I was attached to sera Taite,
    Friendship it seems, is good to create.

    To my person she did everywhere show,
    Tell me things, that I wouldn't know.

    My arms soon gifted with small things that,
    Are dear to me still, especially a toy bat.

    Sera Vasilisa, my wonderful-sister fierce,
    Her words, her strength any armor could pierce.

    Silence was my nature, my defense and shield
    Back then my voice would too easily yield.

    Through many spirits, voices and experiences met
    I am become now, a sera with a growing voice yet.

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  • Taite
    Waking Memories
    by sera Tine

    One of the first people I met was Vaden,
    He took me to the bazaar and my arms became laden
    With boxes and chocolates and coins, this maiden,
    Vaden, then showed the shrine to be prayed-in.


    When I came from my room, as a Newly
    Awakened, I met sera Juliee.

    She was kind and when the cold bit cruelly,
    She dressed me warmly, not coolly.

    The kitchens provided hot food, gruelly.
    Later I had cake, Hooley Dooley!

    Setsuna is a genius, truly.
    When I see her food, I get drooly.

    Now jewelers will make me lapislazuli,
    As long as I don't order too much unduly.

    Or behave in a manner unruly,
    Or participate in unsanctioned activities duelly.

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  • Taite
    A Marvelous Day
    by ser Caedus

    In the depths of slumber I did awake,
    Only to find my soul death did take.

    Reborn anew in a room so swell,
    I was greeted by a man, ser Melle.

    He spoke to me of life within the castle,
    And there would be days that would cause a hassle.

    We walked into a Hall of Dinning,
    To a room were denizen were complaining and whining.

    It was then I met a sera who was not so newly,
    I was distracted by her endless beauty.

    She took me to a bell an interest she'd share,
    To order me some jewelry a fine thing to wear.

    This day was filled with glee and treasure,
    Endless joy beyond all denizens to measure.

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  • Taite
    Becoming a Chronicler
    by sera Kelladry

    How many of you can write
    A Chronicle from sight and sound
    And then post it all 'round
    So anyone can pound out truth
    And then you have to soothe
    Hurt feelings and uncouth attacks.
    There are stacks upon stacks
    Of stories going back in time
    To the first year and chime. of life
    As we know it today.
    "Write well, and you just may," one said,
    "Rise in rank instead
    Of lying in your bed, disgrace
    to Our Queen and this place.
    I write chronicles now.
    And soon I may teach how to write.
    Oh come on now, I don't bite!
    But I may and I might just give
    Work which you'll soon forgive
    And through it you'll live, for sure.
    And you might find fervor
    To bea Chronicler. If so,
    Just write To Tine, not foe but friend.
    This poem has thus been penned
    ANd does solely intend to teach
    About the Castle, not each career
    That can be had here.
    I will conclude this there and say
    No more. I wish you good day!
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  • Taite
    Living a Dream
    by sera Elora

    Awakened in a room to hear
    A voice saying who have we here
    The sera voiced this is Elora
    Surrounded by no fauna or flora

    Now it was clear I was not dead
    So taken to a new room instead
    Awake at last my head more clear
    A door before me lay quite near

    So out of it I did then go forth
    Greeted and by a ghostly voice
    Instructed on what next to do
    An Awakener he did come review

    All was well at first you see
    The door failed to open to me
    There in my thin linens so cold
    I stood with my clothes so bold

    Rescued and returned therein
    At last my clothes I climbed within
    Warm and dry and more the content
    Away to learn of home I was sent

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  • Taite
    "My Gentle Awakener"
    by sera Hildegard

    I wake alone, confused, but not in pain
    All swathed in strips of linen, head-to-toe.
    Disoriented, struggling to regain
    A single scrap of what I used to know.

    After exploring, I step from my room
    Into a chamber lovely, warm and grand.
    I stare in wonder at the walls that loom
    And wondrous things that all before me stand.

    Then swift, a woman steps out from behind
    The pillars two, which flank an archway door.
    She smiles and greets me, welcomes me most kind
    Into this place; my home forever more.

    She asks me, want I clothes more soft to wear?
    I realize with shame my wrappings rough.
    She says she'll get some, and she steps from there.
    I know not how to thank her quite enough.

    When she returns, I sniff a wondrous scent
    Sweet, rich, and spicy; nostrils it does tease.
    I ask her to what smell my head is bent.
    She says "Hot choc'late. Have it, if you please."

    I ask her where I am, she does confide,
    "This Castle, Marrach, is Queen Vivienne's Realm."
    She tells me that in my first life I've died
    And with this startling news I'm overwhelmed.

    I beg my leave, to muse my strange new fate.
    She tells me she'll be here when I return.
    With clothes and cocoa in my room I wait
    And sit and think of all that I have learned.

    I drink with rapt delight, then lay and doze.
    I shed my linens, place them on a shelf.
    I don my plain but clean new set of clothes
    And feel again a bit more like myself.

    I leave my room and start to look around.
    I wonder, "Where, and when and why, and how?"
    The woman reappears, asks if I'm sound.
    I tell her I am feeling better now.

    We talk together long within that hall
    I asking, and she answ'ring patiently.
    She tells me that "Alyndra" she is called.
    Somehow I know that "Hildegard" is me.

    She offered comfort, reassurance which
    She gave at my most vulnerable hour.
    I felt from every word and every stitch
    The warmth of love and care, which has great pow'r.

    I'll welcome others gently as she did.
    None could have done it better, that I'm sure.
    With words and deeds from much of Castle hid,
    Awak'ners' quiet service will endure.

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  • Taite
    ~ The Early Days ~
    by ser Halvard

    In the first moments, the silence was profound.
    Lith's lilting voice was all I recalled of sound.

    The absent smile of a spectral welcoming
    Was preciously little to take solace in.

    But the desolate cold of winter's embrace
    Felt familiar in my bones, and this place

    Became home in a moment of clarity -
    And all my thoughts fled from the disparity.

    Never would I have to scratch out a living,
    or ache with hunger, or find unforgiving

    The cruelties of a world unloved by this Queen;
    Instead I would find warmth, and love unforeseen.

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  • Taite
    A Sera With a Beard
    by sera Taite

    One cold dark eve in the Dining Hall,
    The Princess did come and greet.
    Putting candies on the table,
    One blue one, I did eat.

    It tasted much like apple,
    But aren't apples red or green?
    Before I knew it, there it was...
    Hair on my chin was seen.

    Desperately seeking a stylist,
    Or, perhaps, maybe two.
    And then, come to find out,
    The stylist had a beard, too.

    Mistress Tristana said she couldn't fix it,
    Her shears broke when she tried,
    I then worried about the upcoming court,
    And then the Mistress told me aside.

    Don't worry about your beard,
    It's fabulous, don't you see?
    How many seras do you know,
    With chin hair to their knees?

    The Mistress has a point, you know,
    It's a lesson, and it's true.
    Even if you're a sera with a beard,
    You are still uniquely you.
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  • Taite
    The Two That Greeted Me
    by sera Taite

    I remember the day I woke,
    It was shortly before the Ghost Ball.
    I remember looking around,
    Not knowing my new home at all.

    When I finally opened my door,
    Two denizens welcomed me.
    Mistress Theresa and Sir Howe,
    So kind, I wished I could someday be.

    I was comforted by their presence,
    In front of the fire's light,
    They answered my questions, we sat and talked,
    Until it was time to say goodnight.

    There is not a single time,
    When a newly awakened I do greet,
    That I don't hope to be half as good,
    As the two that greeted me.
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  • Poetic Memories - Please turn in all submissions by 30th of this moon

    Written this 4th day of the 9th moon, 20th YRA

    Attention Denizens

    The Awakeners are creating another book called 'Poetic Memories' and we are hoping to fill a book about first memories with poems created by denizens from within the Inner and Outer Bailey.

    We are looking for 16-20 submissions (given that some will be shorter than others) and you can use any style of poetry.

    Please turn in all submissions to sera Taite by the 30th of the 9th moon.

    After we have enough submissions to fill a book, we will turn the book into the Treasury and whomever has contributed will receive coins.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to write to sera Taite.

    Thank you, and strength to your quests.

    Acting Leader of the Awakeners

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