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Office of the Chronicler is Recruiting

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  • Office of the Chronicler is Recruiting

    Do you have a desire to know what is happening and to be in the middle of events as they unfold?

    Have you ever found yourself sharing the news over and over and over?

    Do you delight in knowing the answer to all the questions?

    Do you enjoy being able to tell stories from times long past?

    If so, you may be a Chronicler at heart! The Office of the Chronicler is responsible for maintaining an ongoing record of castle life and sharing the experience of notable events, and smaller happenings, with those who were not in attendance themselves.

    It's not very demanding and can fit in alongside other duties already held
    by established guests. New guests are also very welcome to apply. The expectation is that our chroniclers will write one chronicle and attend one meeting per moon.

    What are the benefits? Chroniclers are invited to events and are at the forefront of the exploration of the weird and mythical dangers and
    encounters often found within the many walls of the Keep. We mix with the honored guests of the realm, directly interact with the Winter Court, and often find ourselves in demand with Nobles and Royalty as the bearers of news and knowledge. You also get to work in one of the nicest offices in the Outer Bailey. Tangible benefits include a signing bonus, a bonus for the first chronicle and another bonus on becoming a Junior Chronicler. Each chronicle published also receives a coin payment.

    It is our job to record what happens and how can we be accurate when we don't know what's said? It's one of the reasons why Chroniclers have always been permitted to learn tongues. Membership in the Office of the Chronicler also opens up avenues to learning training in Courtesy, access to the color Burgundy regardless of rank, working access to the Inner Bailey and opportunities to develop the skills and relationships necessary to be recognized as an Honoured Guest or the privilege of membership in the Winter Court.

    How do I join? You can try us out as an Aspirant Chronicler to see if you like it. Contact sera Tine, or attend open bells at seven late on Thor's in the Clocktower, for more information.

    Mistress Tine
    Chronicler of the Court
    Secretary to Lord Dolph Li'astri