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Knighting Ceremony: Adahn 10-12-19

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  • Knighting Ceremony: Adahn 10-12-19

    To whom it may concern,

    This eve, beginning at 4 Late Bells in the Royal Chapel, Adahn shall be in repose within the Royal Chapel for four bells. During this time of reflection members of Court or those who can access the Inner Bailey are permitted and encouraged to sit with Adahn and impart their wisdom upon him to aid him in his path of Knighthood.

    He is not allowed to respond, he is only to listen and reflect on himself and the words spoken to him by others.

    At 8 Late Bells the Chapel shall be closed to the public and only approved Seekers may reside within during a private ritual.

    At 9 Late Bells, Adahn shall be escorted to the Outer Bailey in procession, and then returned to the Avalonian Glade for a cleansing of body and spirit. Seekers and close friends of the candidate are permitted.

    After this, the party shall retire to the Royal Chapel once more for the formal Knighting ceremony. Individuals with access to the Inner Bailey are welcome.

    * 4 LB - 8 LB: Vigil
    - IB access individuals permitted to speak wisdom to Adahn to aid on his path.
    * 8 LB: Rite of Passage
    - Chapel closed to public. Seekers, Acolytes & Chivalry only.
    * 9 LB: Procession and Cleansing
    - An entourage shall escort Adahn to and about the Outer Bailey then to the Avalonian Glade for cleansing. Seekers, Acolytes & Close Friends Only.
    - Afterwards, the party shall repair to the Chapel for formal recognition of Knighthood via ceremony. Open to the public.

    Mistress Adayne
    First Acolyte of the Royal Chapel