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Royal Libray Book Contest - Shining Steel

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  • Royal Libray Book Contest - Shining Steel

    ~*~~ Shining Steel ~~*~

    Greetings and wondrous delights to you, denizens. The Royal Library is delighted
    to bring forth a contest of words and tales to be had, in the expectation of mighty and valorous deeds or stories.
    It is requested but not required that tales submitted be more aligned to the idea of warriors, great battles and impossible odds.
    All submissions are asked to be a minimum of -7- pages long, but may be longer if desired.
    As always, please keep writings within appropriate and tasteful nature.
    You may enter more than once, but may only win once.
    All entries must be sent to myself before the end of the 28th Day, of the 12th Moon, 20YRA
    To First place: Shall receive 250 coins, a beautiful book and their story shall be read in the Outer Bailey Library.

    To Second place: Shall receive 150 coins and a beautiful book.

    To Third place: Shall receive 100 coins and a beautiful book.

    Each of the entries shall have their written work placed among both libraries to be enjoyed.

    ~*~~ Please regale us with wondrous battles! ~~*~

    -From the Royal Library,
    Literary Laureate
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    Aleysia Forsyth
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            Less than two weeks remain, spirits.


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              This is upcoming and ending soon! Please have your tales submitted before midnight of the 28th Day.


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                The end of this contest is tonight.



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