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Clothing Orders: Resumption of Services

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  • Clothing Orders: Resumption of Services

    As of now, this 13th day of the 11th moon, the Clothiers will resume offering their services to the Castle. All denizens are expected to look over the newly revised clothing guidelines for their link and have their current outfits altered accordingly. Those who have items in purchasable colors presently should check the purchasable section and see if the previously purchased shades are still available for general wear/sale as most are not. These items may be kept by their owners until such a time as appropriate rank is achieved to wear them, and only then can they be worn as formal attire. The exception to this rule is Knights and higher who may purchase and wear the current available options as they wish, within reason, and at the discretion of the Clothiers.

    Any questions regarding these updates may be directed to Mistress Ermengarde or mineself.

    OOC: Please note the color comparison chart has NOT been updated and is not indicative of the colors available to you at any given link. You will have to refer to the guidelines for an accurate list for now. In addition, the items listed in BOLD signify they are for FORMAL WEAR ONLY. While these are new items for your link there are sometimes other new items not listed in bold that are different from the rank prior and that can be worn every day. You will have to compare to the link below you to see what has changed if that is important for your character.

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    [brought forward]

    Please note that garments that are out of guidelines may be sent in with in-guideline requests for alterations and will not be counted toward your moonly allotment.

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      Dyes and fabrics acquired through event participation that are not typically on the guidelines are listed under the Purchasables section beneath 'Discontinued Items'. This is because they are not regularly found in the Castle and may or may not be available again. Please make certain you check there prior to placing any orders with rare materials.

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