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Looking for Volunteers

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  • Looking for Volunteers

    Written this 26th day of the 11th moon, 20th YRA


    I am looking for one volunteer to work with me on a project.

    Thank you,

    Member of the Collegium,

    (OOCLY BTW Happy Thanksgiving a couple days early!!!)
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    I am still needing a volunteer.


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      It might help to know what the project is. I know I would not randomly volunteer for something that I know nothing about.


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        I have tested the blanket when the wearer was already warm. The second part of the experiment deals with an individual standing outside and becoming cold before being brought inside to wear the blanket.

        I found out that it should not be worn in front of a fire because the salts will get hotter. When the wearer is already warm, the wearer remains warm when going outside with the blanket.

        If my theory is correct, when the warming gloves are made, they will help keep the wearer's hands warm when outside, but it would be best to remove the gloves when inside. The ideal people who would wear these gloves would be people who go on missions (Rangers) and people who work in the cold (Army and Watch). and during times of war (Militia members).

        If the salts remained the same temperature regardless of whether in front of a fire or not, then I would conclude that the gloves would be suitable for the general population.

        Now, finding out how the blanket reacts to people who are cold before wearing it will help with the warming pads for the healers. If someone's toes are showing signs of frostbite, If the warming pad is applied, will it be a gradual warmth or sudden?

        Whatever findings I gather, I will relay to the Royal Chief of Medicine, Lord Dolph upon completion of the experiment and I will, at that time, give him the blanket for the healers..


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          I will do it, although it sounds like an ideal situation in which you could test all of the variables on your own without any outside assistance and gain a more accurate understanding. Write me with your waking bells for this week-end and I will schedule a time with you.



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