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Declare Yourselves Sky Pirates!

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  • Declare Yourselves Sky Pirates!

    Here ye, here ye!

    In order to get a full tally of our crews we need you to put your name down and the crew you've declared for!

    Don't have a crew? Speak to First Mate Kizzy of the Blackheart (Dame Josie) or First Mate Three Fingers of the Dreadwake (Lord Vestio) to make your intentions known and receive an armband denoting your allegiance!

    Once you've declared for a crew head to the middle of the bridge and snag you a proper pirate name from the jug and jot it down here with your crew of choice (and your real name).

    Feeling a little naked? Grab some basic pirate gear from the trunk!

    (NOTE: All costumes can be worn from 7 LB to 7 EB!)

    Lady Sinful
    Pirate Queen
    Captain of the Blackheart
    Lady Sinvy Valmarana
    Her Majesty's Royal Chatelaine
    Mistress of the Cellars
    Sponsor of the Courtesy Circle

  • #2
    Emanuel "Shivers" Sores (Heimeric) of the Dreadwake
    Heimeric Monnow
    Junior Page

    “I think the king is but a man, as I am: the violet smells to him as it doth to me.” Henry V - Act 4, Scene 1


    • #3
      Yo ho ho, what fun!

      ~ Daisy ''the Snitch'' Crabbe of th' Blackheart


      • #4
        I, Gilly "the Lionhearted" Smith, of the Dreadwake.


        • #5
          Stede ''Weasel Face'' Lancaster here, a man loyal to the Dreadwake.

          Mistress Tine
          Royal Chronicler of the Court
          Squire to Sir Edstave
          Junior Equerry to Lord Dolph Li'astri
          Duelist Society Pledge


          • #6
            Isabel 'Long Legs' Swan-Reid, of the Blackheart


            • #7
              Nina ''the Snitch'' Bontemps of the Blackheart at your service.

              Royal Page
              Honored Guest
              Keeper of Games
              Seeker in the Faith
              Secretary to Lady Charmiam
              Acting Leader of the Awakeners

              Currently studying sculpting as a:
              Member of the College of Humanities
              Masque in The Unity


              • #8
                Lesly ''the Legend'' Mount of the Dreadwake

                Alyndra Vallen
                • Leader of the Rememberers
                • Assistant to Initiate Radorcha


                • #9
                  Jack "the Bold" Matberg, sailing aboard the Dreadwake.

                  (Melle Scheralz)


                  • #10
                    Sir Luca "The Duelist" Jansen!

                    Dont cross blades with me, join the Blackheart instead!


                    • #11
                      I be Yennifer ''Salty Dog'' White of the Dreadwake. Yarr...
                      Established Guest • Constable of the Winter Watch • Northern Instructor
                      Pursuivant Herald • Junior Gardener • Portrait Artist • Seeker of the Faith


                      • #12
                        Jacque ''Feral Dog'' Bunce, for the ever rich and graceful crew of the blackheart!
                        OOC -- Euphelia says, "Stupid fat cat got tangled in cords and dragged my craptop across the room "


                        • #13
                          First mate Kizzy 'the Death Dealer' Wittelbo -- Blackheart Forever.
                          Acolyte Natura of the Faith
                          Head of Household for her Ladyship Sinvy
                          Leader of the Stylists
                          Ordained Knight of the Realm
                          Patron of the Duelists
                          Royal Artist
                          Ranger Recruit


                          • #14
                            Brynhild the Bard of the Dreadwake, Yarrr!!
                            Hildegard Helmsdottir


                            • #15
                              Dominique "Weasel Face" Worst of the Dreadwake!
                              Aleysia Forsyth
                              Deputy Inquisitor - Head of the Embinders' Association
                              OB Senior Librarian - Junior Treasury Steward



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