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A Truly Treacherous Scavenger Hunt

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  • A Truly Treacherous Scavenger Hunt

    Rules of the Scavenger Hunt

    1. Must be done as a teams of no less than 2 and must be on the same crew.

    When you turn in your Scavenger Hunt and items, be sure you include you and your team mates names.

    A box of red and blue-violet packages will be available to store your Scavenger Hunt items in.

    2. Every 2 Acquisitions Grant 1 Clue

    Every 2 Scavenger Hunt quests finished will get you 1 clue to find a super secret treasure hoard. All Scavenger Hunts and items are due by 11 and a half late on the 6th!

    3. Do what you will!

    This is a no rules Scavenger Hunt. You can challenge others to duels for their items. Try to steal them and so forth. But, beware, no real injuries should take place! There will be barrels placed throughout the keep with basic wooden rebates for the duration of the event.

    So where is the Scavenger Hunt list you ask? There'll be a crate with bottles that'll have the list. Grab one for yourself and get a team together to get started!

    Look for the crate around 9 Late tonight the 3rd of the 12th!

    Lady Sinvy Valmarana
    Her Majesty's Royal Chatelaine
    Mistress of the Cellars
    Sponsor of the Courtesy Circle

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