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About Ardor Week - Finding Your Passion - 21st YRA

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  • About Ardor Week - Finding Your Passion - 21st YRA

    Written this 30th day of the 12th moon, 20th YRA


    Ardor Week is fast-approaching. This year's theme is 'Finding Your Passion'.

    The theme revolves around showing people what we are passionate about. Each guild and group is encouraged to hold a bell for the event. Feel free to be creative when deciding upon your bells.

    If groups, guilds, or Households would like to host a bell for Ardor Week, it can be held anywhere from the 8th to the 14th of the 2nd moon, and I will add the bell to the list of activities.

    On the 14th, the Unity and the Awakeners will hold an exhibit and an auction of some works that have been done throughout the week. All proceeds from the auction will be equally split among the groups who participate.

    If you are interested in holding an Ardor Week bell, please send me (sera Taite) a scroll with the following information so I can add it to the list.

    Name of Bell:

    Please send in your scrolls by the last day of the first moon.

    A dancing celebration will be held a day later on Saturns the 15th of the 2nd moon. More details will come later.

    Thank you, and we look forward to your missives.

    Acting Leader of the Awakeners,
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    *a small note is tacked below by a page with a task*

    Just for clarification, Ardor Week is held in the 2nd moon, not the 1st.
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      I apologize if there was any confusion, and thank you for clarifying. Yes, Ardor Week is in the second moon.

      (OOCLY I had previously added something that didn't work with the rest of the post, and I took it out. Forgot to put the date back in. )



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        *Added amendment*



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