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    When asked who you are, it is our positions as well as our achievements that we speak of, not our differences.


    In our home, we are not judged any differently because we are different. Being different makes you unique. Being different is good. Regardless of your differences, be proud of who you are.

    So, some of us ate some of the gingerbread cottage and we gained a little weight. It does not change who we are as people, nor does it change the way Her Majesty feels about each and every one of us.

    Embrace who you are, and you will see that people like you for who you are and not what you look like. When you judge yourself, you will believe that everyone else judges you, too.

    Royal Page
    Honored Guest
    Keeper of Games
    Seeker in the Faith
    Secretary to Lady Charmiam
    Acting Leader of the Awakeners

    Currently studying sculpting as a:
    Member of the College of Humanities
    Masque in The Unity

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