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Ardor Plans Update: Attention Denizens and Castle Guilds

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  • Ardor Plans Update: Attention Denizens and Castle Guilds

    Written this 13th day of the 1st moon, 21st YRA

    Leaders of the Castle's Guilds,

    The Awakener Guild and The Unity humbly requests the assistance of you and your guild members as we begin plans for our Annual Ardor Day Ball. Our tentative schedule (see below) shall take place the Second Moon on the Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth, and is as follows:

    * Thirteenth: Day of Crafting
    The most artistic item created will go towards the auction on the following day.

    8 Late - The Answer Game with sera Tine - Theater
    * Fourteenth: Silent Auction - Hosted by The Awakeners

    5 Late - Pamper Party with sera Vasilisa- Stylist Room

    8 Late - Silent Auction - Theater
    * Fifteenth: Ardor Day Ball - Hosted by The Unity

    8 Late - Ardor Day Ball - Theater

    With gratitude and appreciation,

    Sera Taite
    Acting Leader of the Awakeners
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