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ATTN: Sorcerers, Rememberers & the Magically Inclined

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  • ATTN: Sorcerers, Rememberers & the Magically Inclined

    To the Sorcerers,

    Those Bound and the Unbound Hopefuls, please send me your waking times and your current scholastic focus*. This will aid in creating class schedules and involving you in a project for the group.

    If you are waiting to be Bound, please send your Focus design and a brief summary of the classes you have been attending, as well as the Sorcerer who has been primarily teaching you.

    * Bound-specific

    To the Rememberers,

    All members, please send me your name, waking times and rank within the group. This is so I can meet with you all and the Chambers and get some things streamlined and put into place for you all.

    To those who do not respond within 2 weeks, you will be removed from the roster along with your accesses, and the room re-keyed.*

    * Except Gareth

    To the Magically Inclined,

    After some lengthy consideration, I am going to be reviewing the College of the Arcane and constructing a layout that is friendly to the Mundane (unbound) and Bound alike. I shall not as yet release details, but if you are interested in studying the Arcane via the Collegium-route, please send me a missive with your name, affiliations, what draws you to the Arcane studies, what field you would be interested in and anything else you might deem relevant to be considered for joining the college.

    Please be advised some lazy attempt at this will be looked upon poorly, and I'm not putting a fully list of specifics on purpose as a test to see if you're capable of evaluating what's useful in this kind of application or not.

    M. Blodwen von Od
    Royal Sorceress
    Head Mistress of the College of the Arcane
    Patron of the Rememberers

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    Before servants begin their gossip, I wish it made clear that whilst the above is obviously a forgery, it is not of my design. The forger has done such a poor job that I barely felt the need to assure it was not myself.

    Clearly this person feels someone in the position of Royal Sorceress would not know her own students and have to publicly ask them to come forth. Whilst some of those currently waking may have been bound by Uwaine, it is unimaginable for any to have forgotten those they have bound themselves. Risking the chance of destroying someone's soul is not an event one easily forgets.

    And to suggest she would throw information about something as prestigious as information about the Royal Collegium as an afterthought? Could you really imagine someone throwing all these announcements together and then advise against others having a "lazy attempt"? Whomever truely wrote this clearly lacks the ability of self reflection.

    I will confess to half a moment's belief in the legitimacy of this post and for that I make apologies to the Royal Sorceress. It was only when I put aside my personal feelings and examined the full post that I was able to realize my mistake in taking this as a legitimate post. In it within the middle that the forger demonstrates their lack of knowledge of courtly responsibilities. As the Office of Chambers has publicly posted information about requirements of being a patron, the above clearly goes against even the basic description which states, "Whereas the guild or group leader has the day-to-day management and persistence of the organization as their responsibility, it is the Patron’s duty to insure that the greater needs and interests of the Castle overall are upheld." Gathering a list of members and times of waking would obviously be a day-to-day management issue. It also presumes that there would be good cause that Mistress Blodwen would still be patron of the Rememberer's Guild. To have done such, she would have needed to at least " submit a simple monthly report on the overall activities and well-being of the organization," which I can only assume would include a list of members. That is beyond the monthly meeting with the Chamberlain that is expected of a patron. Further, a search of the last year's Treasury reports demonstrates no attempt to perform the following duty: "Patrons are expected to host an activity for the organization once every other moon (if the activity is organized alone), or every moon (if the activity is organized with another Patron or the guild) to serve as a group function."

    So again, I offer any necessary apology at thinking for a moment that the above held any truth and hope the originator of this farce is appropriately dealt with.

    Initiate Ra'Dorcha,
    First Initiate bound by Elea


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      Perhaps, but if there are no waking guild leaders or members, who will step in and ask for this information?

      If I were sleeping, Sir Edstave, or even the Sponsor has every right to ask who are the waking Awakeners to make sure the guild continues to function as it should.

      Of course, you can correct me if I'm wrong.



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        Writ this 17th Day of the 1st Moon, 21st YRA.

        On behalf of the Chambers and as Chief Scribe, allow me to reassure some if the less-then-educated who are unclear and ill versed in Chamber Matters, Patron Duties, and Sponsor Responsibilities.

        Mistress Blodwen, Patron of the Rememberers, has full authority to call upon waking members as her role is to ensure the vitality and life of the guild, to mentor, and to aide or assist the guild in the case it requires her to do so. If a leader in a guild is slack in their duties, a Patron *may* step in and assist.

        Furthermore, the Patron of the Rememberers has faithfully kept in communication with the Chambers, though the Chambers has no duty or requirement to announce when and if a Patron communicates with the Office of Royal Orders; despite this sort of matter being a private one between the Chambers and each Guild Sponsor and Patron, we feel it prudent to clarify some very obvious misunderstanding and/or ignorance.

        If there legitimate concerns or questions in regards to the Remembers, their Patron, or the Chambers you are encouraged to contact our Office Staff or the Lord Chamberlain. We encourage you go to the source rather than the those who have no clear clue.
        Lillian-Rose Annabella Grace (aka "Lilly")
        * Courtier
        * Royal Jeweler
        * Chief Scribe of the Chambers


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          Initiate Ra'Dorcha,

          I pen you here publicly because, after having witnessed several of these misguided attempts at wit and hostility towards the Royal Sorceress writ by your hand over the past two years, it needs be said that your continuing commentary is unhelpful and unappreciated, and reflects poorly only on your own character.

          It is entirely normal for either a guild leader, guild patron or guild sponsor to contact those within her organization to check for waking times for the purposes of scheduling events, or merely to see who amongst them are still waking, the lattermost is true especially during this typically quiet time of year when guilds fall into inactivity and need a bit of a nudge from above. That you are taking a very common and obvious attempt to facilitate activity in the Realm and trying to weaponize it against the Royal Sorceress for personal dislike does not look well on you.

          Moreover, since taking over as Patron of the Rememberers a short time ago, I have witnessed the Royal Sorceress:

          A) Help organize a quest to the Dream Realm in search of information on the Triangle
          B) Put together a Rememberer-led mission which resulted in the return of our Prince
          C) Invite the Rememberers to assist in a quest to restore the soul of sera Kona, which was successful even though none of the Rememberers invited responded (thus prompting her to check who within the guild is still waking).

          I expect that these deeds constitute far more than most patrons can claim to have done for their guilds in the last year; and so if you are intent on questioning the validity of the Royal Sorceress' commitments then you'd best be prepared to also answer the question, "What have you done for your guild lately?"

          Lastly, I mean no disrespect when I say that it is irrelevant that you happened to be the first Initiate to have been bound by Initiate Elea. You're neither the first Initiate of this castle's history nor even the first Initiate of only these Awakenings, the former's name is lost to history and the latter would be Elea herself. It is defiant to the Court's social courtesy expectations to claim a title that not only does not exist, but would not be yours even if it did. I therefore must ask that you both cease referring to yourself as First Initiate and either asking or allowing that others do the same. Titles are earned, they have weight and meaning and are sanctioned by the Queen as an acknowledgement of service and esteem, they are not to be invented as we please to entitle ourselves with.

          By My Hand,
          Lady Galatea Raines
          Ordained Knight of the Realm
          Ennobled Peer of Castle Marrach
          "I am not afraid, I was born to do this."


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            As normal to my infamy, a slew of responses unrelated to what I actually may have said. Obviously I was not clear that I believed that the original was not posted by the Royal Sorceress.

            If for some reason, the Chambers and Lord Chamberlain have decided to ignore a patron's expectations and simply depend upon their personal relationships, I have made no comment that they may not. It may be that personally I think actually aiding a guild to be publicly visible and active, two of my previous points that were ignored, are more important that sipping tea with people unrelated to the works of the group. My point about communication was that surely those in the Chamber would want to be updated about membership and activity of the group being patroned. My thanks to the "Chief Scribe" for clarifying what is held as actually being important. Though your lack of response to certain points speaks volumes and we both know the purpose behind the original decision.

            To her Ladyship Dame,
            Has it truly been two years? Not a single guild meeting or public event in such a time does surely seem extreme and a wonder it is the guild itself is still considered sanctioned. I appreciate your misguided attempt to defend your lover but there really was no need. I do not hide my feelings and acknowledge their initial coloring of the response I did not post. There could be no debate that the three events you listed did occur. I do not believe I have ever claimed the Royal Sorceress does nothing for the castle. If I have, I was wrong. Nor could I speak upon what other patrons do to guide and mold the leadership of their guilds. For my own obligations, I am aware of the status of all of them.

            For the claim that I am the first Initiate bound by the First Initiate Elea, I do not expect all of those upon the path of the sword to understand the gravity of those few words. Nor do I have any intention of hiding the truths of whom I am. I hold no malice towards those that are not aware of all facts or history (known and secret) but the ladyship does not hold authority in the manner in which I define myself. To bring such an issue first to public boards would not be the first way I addressed such a point of courtesy, but as always, there is much about the desires of the court to which I remain oblivious.

            Initiate Ra'Dorcha,
            a discourteous courtier,
            first Initiate bound by Elea


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              Initiate Ra'Dorcha,

              Writing a lengthy post disparaging the Royal Sorceress as incompetent then hiding behind the thinly veiled defense that it was not her you were insulting, merely the person "obviously forging her name to the original post" is not nearly so clever as you seem to believe.

              Also, it is in fact the role of myself or any other Peer or Knight to correct their lessers, yourself included within that category, whensoever said lessers behave contrary to the established social expectations imposed by the Crown. Stating that you 'do not hide who you are or how you feel' does not absolve you of responsibility for your actions nor others the duty of correcting you.

              Your remaining comments go too far out of their way to twist the words of others, make misinformed assumptions of your own knowledge or otherwise suggest some imagined 'secret reason' of which only you are privy to for why you are right and your detractors are wrong to validate them with responses.

              Your decision to defend yourself with more childish deflections, dishonesty and ad hominem instead of taking responsibility and using the opportunity to recant and begin comporting yourself from here on as a productive courtier within our society is duly noted. Though I will not debase myself by further discussing it here with my lesser, know that if you continue down this path there will eventually be consequences.

              By My Hand,
              Lady Galatea Raines
              Ordained Knight of the Realm
              Ennobled Peer of Castle Marrach
              "I am not afraid, I was born to do this."


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                Well... this was very interesting and worthwhile me checking the boards today.



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