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  • Seeking New Awakeners

    Written this 27th day of the 1st moon, 21st YRA


    Do you remember what it was like when you first woke? Do you remember the smile on the face of those who welcomed you to the castle?

    What if you could make the same impact on a newly awakened? What if you could share your stories with a new guest and make them excited to create their own stories that they can pass down?

    If you have a passion for helping new guests, perhaps, you should consider being an Awakener!

    We are currently looking for active members who want to help Her Majesty's newest denizens..

    Duties include, but are not limited to:
    -Greeting the newly awakened
    -Offering help and support by answering questions
    -Introducing newly awakened to different people, groups and guilds

    If you would like to be an Awakener, please send your application to Sera Taite. Please include the following:

    Time in Castle:
    Current Duties:
    Criminal Past (if any):
    Available Waking Times:
    Reason for Joining:

    Thank you,
    Acting Leader of the Awakeners
    Royal Page
    Honored Guest
    Keeper of Games
    Seeker in the Faith
    Secretary to Lady Charmiam
    Acting Leader of the Awakeners

    Currently studying sculpting as a:
    Member of the College of Humanities
    Masque in The Unity