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What was Worn to Winter Ball, 21 YRA

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  • What was Worn to Winter Ball, 21 YRA

    A collection of sketches on what was worn to this year's Winter Ball, themed Fall into Winter. If I have overlooked any custom pieces please bring them to my attention via missive and I will add them on at my earliest opportunity. I ask particularly with aid in regards to any special jewelry, as I am not a jeweler nor do I know enough about the available pieces to tell by sight if they are out of the ordinary.

    [*A large number of sketches have been drawn here*]

    An article will follow below highlighting the stand-out fashions for those who enjoy building their wardrobes around currently popular attire.

    Lead Inner Apprentice of the Clothiers,
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    The belle of the Ball, Queen Vivienne, stuck with a Winter theme and donned a stunning silver satin and iced-iolite diaphanous silk gown decorated in bejeweled snowflake patterns and embroidered, contrasting pale-gold stars and silver snowflakes. It featured a scooped neckline and flowy, off-the-shoulder sheer sleeves with a form-fitting bodice and a short, flowing train that gracefully trailed behind her as she walked. She accessorized with a beautiful set of platinum, iolite and diamond jewelries that served to highlight her freshly-cut, wispy bangs and the elegantly arranged chignon in her ice-blonde hair.

    His Highness, Prince Bertram, came garbed in traditional cerulean and black attire, with a stylish cerulean baudekin knee-length surcoat the focal point of his ensemble. Bearing small ivory buttons, his supple overcoat boasted long sleeves, a high neck and a back-split skirt that fell to his knees. It was partially buttoned along the inside with one half of the collar folded down to create an asymmetrical look. His hair was swept back with natural waves throughout and he opted to attend sans jewelry, though the silver and gold threading in the very fabrics that comprised his garments hardly left the onlooker wanting for metallic shine.

    His Excellency, Lord Boreas, additionally opted for a surcoat done in a supple grey leather that extended down to the calves. It was paired with indigo silks and the occasional solid black raiment

    The majority of clothing featured at the event displayed an array of metallic hues ranging from dusky silver to a custom coppery rose, primarily as accents. Mistress Blodwen modeled an incredibly unique filigree corset in copper and gold beneath a belted snow over-robe and finished off the look with rose-tinted copper pants and bejeweled shoes. Pale gold seemed to be an overall attendee favorite, adorning the trim, cuffs or embroidery of a number of gowns and, in some cases, standing as the primary hue. Lady Galatea made one such selection, graced in an autumnal-red kirtle of velvet with a beautifully woven golden surcoat featuring a flowing, floor-length skirt that trailed behind her as she walked. It was adorned in very small, pale gold fleur-de-lis and trimmed in matching satin. Browns, tones of blacks and a range of blues remained among the more popular selections otherwise, many accompanied by shades of white, grey or other neutrals.

    T'is safe to say that surcoats and doublets remain in fashion for the male populace, while floor-length (over)gowns consisting of long and/or sheer sleeves, occasionally revealing backs and scooped or deeply v-cut necklines are becoming increasingly prevalent in female attire. Lady Ezraella arrived in a snow white silk and lace gown fitting most of these categories; it bore a deeply draped back that revealed her shoulders, an undergown with a deeply plunging neckline and a sheer lace overgown with matching, fitted long sleeves. Short, trailing trains and ruffles could also be frequently seen among those gathered, adding volume and elegance to their attached pieces.

    Chignons, buns and a variety of curled arrangements formed the majority of hairstyles amongst the women, while assortments of braids and wavy tresses reigned supreme amongst the men.

    It should be noted that while some attendees saw fit to wear colors non-traditional for Winter Court, in particular hues of green, the Clothiers do not recognize them as fashionable or socially encouraged selections.

    Lead Inner Apprentice of the Clothiers,