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  • Royal Order: Noble Houses

    To the Noble Houses,

    It has been noticed by the Crown that the Noble Houses of Castle Marrach have enthusiastically thrown their interest into the war effort, for which they are grateful. As per His Highness, the normal restrictions on hiring commoners remains in place. He understands that people, in their deep dedication to the Crown and not the quartermasters, have been eager to fill their Household and show their solidarity for the Keep, but states such is an injustice due to the over abundance of charity being issued to those who have not earned their place within the House of a Noble.

    A Noble of Castle Marrach is expected to build a Household of properly ranked and educated individuals, and then ensure these individuals contribute in a positive manner to the Castle as a whole by serving in guilds, hosting events that bolster the Keep's culture and knowledge, while adhering to Courtly standards and expectations laid down by the Crown.

    His Highness states that if any individual of Noble rank feels these expectations are too much, they may approach him directly to be placed in a role more suitable to their desires.

    In service,
    Heimeric Monnow
    Junior Page

    “I think the king is but a man, as I am: the violet smells to him as it doth to me.” Henry V - Act 4, Scene 1