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    The stone golem that was blocking passage into the Upper Caves has been eliminated. You're welcome.
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      This, the 30th Day of the 6th Moon in the 21st Year of Recent Awakenings

      Please note, saltpeter is still needed for the dispersion stones. This can be mined from stone.

      By my hand,


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        Good folk,

        Be advised, I have completed four of the air dissolvant elixers and passed them out this day, to remove the markings upon seras Elora, Vessa, Auriela and Diana. Know that I cannot make any more until more ingredients are brought - in particular, the redoak saplings, though dragon's bloom flowers and malachite would also be welcome.

        We have also set up the third lightning rod contraption, now in the Gate Courtyard. We seem to have enough ingredients that I can make some more of these, if desired.

        Dame Keterin's armour were badly damaged fighting the army of elementals in the Courtyard. I will need a good deal of obsidian, steel, and fel dust to see it mended, else she'll be in no condition to help against Megaera.

        - Master Orson
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