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Patrols and the Storm

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  • Patrols and the Storm

    21st day of the 6th moon, 21st YRA

    Attention Denizens:

    While one would think it would be common sense to not do patrols if it requires you to travel to open areas, apparently it is not. And so, I shall write plainly: If your patrol requires you to go out into open areas where there is currently a lightening and boulder storm, then AVOID that patrol. Not only are you being negligent and putting yourself at risk, you are also putting others at unnecessary risk if you blow your duckcall. I would also stress that if you are insistent upon doing patrols, then DO NOT do them alone. Given that we are actively at war, it makes no sense to put yourself in a position that can easily be avoided.

    In duty and honor

    Watchwoman Kassa Ayuni

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    Lieutenant Dafyd frequently sends us to patrol locations known to be mist-shrouded or lacking cover. Scouting and bark collecting is increasingly perilous due to the storms. We are at war, and danger is a part of wartime life. Are we to cease our contributions to the war effort? No. We must merely exercise greater caution. Seek shelter between harvests. Do not engage foes in the open if you are not comfortable doing so, and instead report them. Keep your oaths.
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