Skotos Forums Closing: September 30

The Skotos Forums are officially closing on September 30, 2020. They will go read-only on that date, and will be removed entirely sometime afterward.

We encourage the games that spun off of Skotos to create new discussion mediums of their own, and some have already done so. But the centralized discussions for Skotos will soon be a thing of the past (just as the centralized Skotos site is).

We've also posted a goodbye message to the community on our main page, which you can find here:
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Battle Guild Practices

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  • Battle Guild Practices

    I am to resume weekly practices, beginning this Thor's day at the 8th late bell, and then on Sun's day at the 7th early bell.

    The Battle Guild is to begin hosting more practices at morning, afternoon and evening in the hopes of accommodating as many as possible who wish to learn the way of the sword. If you are interested in taking up the study of combat, and have not already written to myself, sera Diana or ser Gareth, pray let us know what times would be suitable for yourself and we will do our best to see that one of us is available at a time that will fit your schedule.

    Melle Scheralz
    Adjutant Preceptor

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    This shall be this evening.


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      I shall be holding another practice at the 8th early bell today, slightly later than was originally posted.


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        There will be an impromptu practice this morning at the 10th early bell.


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          There will be another weekly practice this evening at the 8th late bell.


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            Apologies for the lack of evening practice this week. I will be holding a morning practice this Saturn's and Sun's in its place. This morning's practice will be at the 9th early bell



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