This ain't going to be no Chronicle, but I wanted to write a warning as soon as possible for folk.

Megaera appeared tonight. She's still bent on fighting us, but I suggested that maybe there would be a way for us to all work together to first fight the Triangle. I didn't try to argue in favor of Balance. I am not an Acolyte. But I wanted to put in her noggin an idea that we have a common enemy. An enemy that summoned her for purposes she doesn't rightly know. And we should seek to thwart those plans before we fall to fighting each other.

Anyway, she listened, seemed a bit miffed, but she did not attack me. She screeched and flew off.

In her wake she left a mist in the Outer Bailey Courtyard. DO NOT LINGER IN IT.

And she also left a giant boulder blocking the exit to the Refectory and the western parts of the Outer.

Ye can still use the ladder from the parapets, but just realize she's placed a block there. Be wary and avoid getting trapped.

As the Royal Engineer, given a rough size of the boulder in front of that arch has got to be about twenty five or thirty tons at least. (And no, I do not have a scale big enough to weigh it.) Just know that even a good couple of folks with pickaxes will take ye a long while to try to clear it. For now, unless we find, say, a giant Earth elemental that wants to help us, we're stuck with it there.

After that, we found Megaera in the Sunset Room. She took away Rikka for some task because she was an alchemist. A fairy also appeared and they both left with Rikka.

Afterwards we had to fight off some of her minions she sprinkled in her wake. No one was injured.

Sir Pete
Knight of the Realm
Royal Engineer