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Underworld Journey for Princess Maeveen

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  • Underworld Journey for Princess Maeveen

    As many of you know, the health and wholeness of Princess Maeveen, beloved occasional guest of our Realm in the present day, has recently been compromised. In order to restore Her Highness, we of the Castle and the people of the Conclave have been asked to gather certain necessary magical reagents. Among these are soulstones and asphodel blooms, and as we have been told, the only place where these can reliably be acquired is in the Underworld. As such, we must embark on another journey to that place while the moon is in the correct phase.

    Previously, we have been told that the rules of the spheres have certain restrictions for those of the living who would enter the Underworld. Chief among these is that no living being can enter the Underworld by the same path twice. As such, by our current understanding, those who previously ventured into the Underworld to seek the waters of Mnemosyne for Duchess Oriana cannot enter again by the path that we must take now.

    Per the rules previously laid out by Doctor Getheaht, the group that ventures to the Conclave must number between 12 and 16 people. Our aim is to return with fifty each of soulstones and asphodels. People who are experienced in mining or herbalism may be prioritised for the venture, but ultimately everyone able and willing to make the journey should make themselves available so that an ideal group can be selected.

    The journey must be made before the Moon's end, and as such this Frey's evening will be our last opportunity. Prior to the 7th late bell, I humbly request that those intending to make the journey convene in the cupola with as many mining and gardening tools as you are able to muster.

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    To add to the above, sera Lith has requested a list of all who will be undertaking the journey. As such, any interested parties must send their names to myself, Initiate Ammanas, or otherwise make themselves known to me. I will be sending her the list late tonight.

    Furthermore, all denizens who have mining and gardening tools but will be unable to undertake the journey or meet before hand at the cupola are encouraged to send them to me as well. Your names and contributions will be noted, and anything loaned to the cause will be returned should it survive the journey.

    In service,

    Initiate Ammanas


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      *tacked to the above message*

      Due to the critical nature and timing of the venture, all intending to join the journey to the Underworld should conserve their strength tomorrow for mining the soulstones and harvesting the asphodels.


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        In addition to the above, if anyone who was present at the previous venture to the Underworld yet possesses a vial of the waking elixir that was issued, I would humbly request that you send it to ser Ammanas or Mistress Blodwen.


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          *tacked to the above*

          A reminder for any joining the venture this evening to bring any mining or gardening tools they may have access to. I have gathered what I can from other denizens, but not enough to equip everyone. The more we have, the quicker the work shall go.


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            *another tacked addition*

            It has been suggested that a toll may be required, as such, all undertaking the journey tonight are asked to bring at least two bronze coins.



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