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Tiny Doll Likenesses!!

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  • Tiny Doll Likenesses!!

    [The following scroll is decorated with doodles of tiny flowers]

    Hello, fellow denizens!

    A very exciting occurrence happened on the 30th day of the 7th Moon!

    Mistress Toymaker Juniper Nacklebell visited the Outer Bailey refectory around noon bell. She was collecting the names of newlies who are not on her lists in order that she might make tiny dolls of us all!!

    She has given me a very shiny pretty scroll upon which I have been tasked to write all the names. I have written as many names as I can remember but I am very afeared of incorrectly omitting names from the list!

    In order to ensure that the list is accurate:

    ~ Please leave your name below this posting if you are a newlie.

    ~ If you are Re-Awakened and believe you are not on Mistress Toymaker Juniper's list, please also leave your name, but further state that you are not a newlie.

    ~ If you have a special interest in NOT having a tiny doll made to your likeness, please also leave your name stating such.

    For your knowledge, here is my current list (titles are omitted for expediency, no disrespect is intended):



    ~The Re-Awakened who have yet to be placed on the list~


    ~Those who have expressed a disinclination towards having a doll likeness made~


    NB. I have not the authority to do more than formulate the list. Mistress Toymaker Juniper Nacklbell will no doubt decide for herself how to process such.

    PS. I hope everyone is safe and uninjured as far as may be reasonable after the Trying Times of Saturn's eve!!

    PPS. This is my first ever posting upon the bulletin board and I am very excited!! Please advise me if my handwriting is not sufficiently clear!!
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    Please add my name to the recently re-awakened as I do not think it has been added before.

    Mine Thanks.

    ~Sera Fayne


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      yes please


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        I was first awakened at least three or four years ago...I don't mind but...the information should be accurate, I am Reawakened

        My apologize also to the toymaker for being drowsy, I was tired when she arrived and didn't pay too much attention

        ~Ser Oyoho
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          I would fit under the re-awoken category that would enjoy seeing a tiny doll likeness of myself.
          ~ Initiate Kaori Zaihou ~
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            I'm not a newlie, and I don't think there's a doll of me, though not sure why anyone would want one.

            If you want to add me to the list, here you go. Name's Paulo Ayamo.
            Paulo Ayamo
            Probationary Carpentry Student


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              I do not desire any dolls to be made in my likeness, please and thank you.



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