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[IMPORTANT] Regarding the rats.

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  • [IMPORTANT] Regarding the rats.

    Unless you're blind, stupid, or haven't been out of your room - you will have noticed that there are a number of large, intimidating looking rats scampering around.
    • Do not feed the rats.
    • Do not pet the rats.
    • If a rat approaches you, unless you want to be bitten, do not initiate violence. Self defense is expected, but use your discretion. They are far more vicious when provoked.
    • Do not fondle the rats.
    • Do not treat the rats with affection and love. These are not pets, or working, tame creatures. These are wild vermin who will bite you without a second thought.

    Unsurprisingly, a number of idiots have been cooing, feeding and even (to my incredulous dismay) cleaning the rats! I am extremely tempted to list the names of these people. That way, when these rats grow to the size of dogs, have no fear of humans whatsoever and start dragging people away to kill/eat them, everyone can point at those rat-loving people and ask them who's the intelligent being now?

    Unless you want a challenge from me (and as a wounded person, and a friend of many wounded people, I think I have a right to do this) do not treat these rats with anything other than contempt and extreme caution. Unless you're stupid, of course, in which case continue to pet them to your heart's delight.

    I will personally challenge anyone I see feeding or stroking these rats on the basis of insult to me and insult to Her Majesty that you would encourage a creature that wounds Her denizens.

    [signed simply] Elsie Li'Astri, Squire.

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    I am in total agreement upon the idiocy of the behaviour here described.

    I have personally fought off a giant rat attempting to kill a servant, and been wounded in the scuffle, and have no wish to see these ones grow to that size - much less hand-fed by foolish guests.

    What truly amazed me is how several guests actively stood to protect one of these rats from members of the Watch! I frankly hope people who behave in this manner are duly arrested and tried for obstructing the Watchmen in the performance of their duties! The rats are a menace, and will become a greater one if they are not dealth with now.

    -Ser Priam
    Priam: You know what's a bad idea?
    Kyramor: Not usually


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      These rats have proven themselves to be enemies of the realm in the past. I'm shocked to see denizens foolish enough to actually encourage these beasts to come to the Outer. They should be shunned and I encourage anyone who spots them to inform any numbr of armed denizens so this threat can be dealt with.

      Should I encounter these ROUS in my own wanderings they shall be dealt with swiftly.

      Long may she reign,
      PS - Fire has worked very effectively on ROUS in the past. It seems their filthy, oily coats are quite flamable. I suggest anyone who owns a candle to carry it for their own protection.
      "Enjoy Life. There's plenty of time to be dead."


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        Mebbe it's just me, but I've always been of the understanding that the ROUS and the regular rats are of two diffrent breeds. Also, how can the rats grow without magic if no other animal in the castle ages elsewise? If we find this out, maybe we can use it ta grow some giant cats what with to eat the giant rats. Or, mebbe it's just a good time ta poke the rats needlessly. Use some common sense here, don't mess with the rats one way or the other; and if you happen to run into a rat larger than yer avrage cat.... run, then tell the watch.
        "Cry the beloved country, for the unborn child that is the inheritor of our fear. Let him not love the earth too deeply. Let him laugh not too gladly when the water runs through his fingers, nor stand too silent when the setting sun makes red the veld with fire. Let him not be too moved when the birds of his land are singing, nor give too much of his heart to a mountain or valley. For fear will rob him of all if he gives too much." -- Alan Paton 'Cry the Beloved Country'


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          Giants cats already exist. They're called tigers.
          But somehow I dont see the Doctor reviving any in the near future.

          -Lorenz/ Chris Knight
          My mirrored goodby message


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            I can not agree more that those who feed and love on these rats only earn the pain the recieve when the rats decide to bite them. As always, we are here to help those who are hurt, but for Gods' sake, do think about what you are doing before you do it.
            A glutton for punishment.


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              I have received some information that leads me to believe that the ROUS have been and maybe being created in the Alchemy Hall. They might be humans turned into rats.



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                Or they might be the incredibly angry rats that are escaping from the crack that Ferguson Should've covered long ago.

                [easily unsigned]
                -Kai St.JohnLanceaux-

                consider this:
                Noah, an amateur and sailor, built an ark that could withstand 40 days and 40 nights of rain, and manage to house all the world's life the entire time, however, professional sailors and well known scientistw designed and built the Titanic, and Leonardo DiCaprio drowned and froze. Kinda makes you wonder about the value of our education hunh?"


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                  Don't you people read whats actually posted?
                  The rats are accidents of the royal necromancer.
                  Nothing more. Get over it.

                  -Lorenz/ Chris Knight
                  My mirrored goodby message


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                    No disrespect Sir Knight, but you'll note that the crack that once was covered, isn't anymore.

                    -Kai St.JohnLanceaux-

                    consider this:
                    Noah, an amateur and sailor, built an ark that could withstand 40 days and 40 nights of rain, and manage to house all the world's life the entire time, however, professional sailors and well known scientistw designed and built the Titanic, and Leonardo DiCaprio drowned and froze. Kinda makes you wonder about the value of our education hunh?"


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                      Ferguson, did, in fact cover the crack. Some several people have taken it upon themselves to uncover it, though I know not who nor why.

                      Regardless, this is now fixed. If the rats continue invading, then it is not through this crack.

                      --Lance Zablan


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                        Flesh-Eating Rats


                        Tonight I had to chase off a rat and save a sera.

                        A mean and big brown rat came into the Dining Hall and was hissing at folks. I told him he better go away and not cause trouble.

                        Then he bit Miss Bethanie and took a chunk of flesh out of her hand.

                        He also tried to bite me too, but I got my sword out to stop him.

                        Poor Miss Bethanie weren't trying to harm it none. She were just standing there and it came and bit her.

                        It was a nasty big bite, and the healers all took care of it afterwards, but my oh my it was fiercesome while it was biting her!

                        So I took my sword and gave it a bite back, ye can say! Because it is chivalrous to defend folks from harm like that.

                        I hear this is a giant rat that just didn't get big yet. So be careful! Now there's a flesh-eating growing nasty rat out there.

                        It might turn into a man-eater! Just like a wolf that ye got to keep away from the village. Once they taste human, ye got to put them down before they get out of control.

                        Anyway, that's my thinking on it.

                        Squire Pete


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                          Bethanie has a history with the brown rat which would merit its response to her.

                          Armsman Zeakk


                          • #14
                            Perhaps the Armsman would be kind enough to enlighten us to this history?

                            While, the rats are dangerous, there is a mystery here, perhaps one we -all- would benefit form learning....

                            So...How can a rat have a history with a denizen?

                            If not for the mystery, for our safety.....


                            • #15
                              I didn't have no 'history' with the rat, and it tried to bite me.

                              Do ye say that a murderer has a 'history' with a Watchfolk, so it's fine when they attack ye?

                              I also heard Zeakk been telling folk to stop defending themselves from the rats. Warned folks they'd get locked away if they drew a weapon to keep themselves safe.

                              I guess we better start calling him 'Disarmsman' Zeakk.

                              Squire Pete



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