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First Acolyte Seeks New Assistant

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  • First Acolyte Seeks New Assistant

    First Acolyte Ophidias is presently accepting application for a new assistant.

    ~ You must be able to write correspondences in a courteous manner.

    ~ Be dependable.

    ~ Be trustworthy.

    ~ She would also like someone who could possibly be awake at the same bells as she is, but this is not a definite requirement. She is usually about in the evenings between 5 to 12 bells. She can arrange morning meetings on Saturdays and Sundays if need be.

    If you fit these requirements please send a scroll with the following on it:

    ~ Your full name

    ~ Your Guild affiliations

    ~ How long you have been awake in the castle

    ~ Times you are available

    ~ And any other information you think with be beneficial to this applications.

    All applications must be in by the 19th day of this moon.
    Please send all applications to the First Acolyte Ophidias herself.
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    Finna Moon, Courtier to Her Majesty's Court