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A Thank You To All Who Helped

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  • A Thank You To All Who Helped

    I wish to extend my warmest and deepest appreciation to those of the Awakeners and those outside of the Awakeners who put time and effort into making this Ghost Ball happen. Twas a fine job and would not have happen with out the help of all invovled. I wish to extend a special thank you to Sera Blaise, who put in her time to help with the Short Story Contest and an very Honored and respectful thank you to the good Knight Sir Bragi for his patience and understanding of the chaos that took place during the reading of the Short Stories. I also send a special thank you to Sera Charlott, whom could not be present at the last mintue due to unforseen matters that demanded her attention. Thank you Charlott for all your help.
    Finna Moon, Courtier to Her Majesty's Court

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    The Ball went grandly. It was the most fun I've had in a while. Thank ye to all that helped just as sera Finna said. But a grand thanks to sera Finna herself for putting it together. Grand job!

    Trisan Allanon
    ~ We journey to be great.
    Should we never achieve greatness,
    At least we have a great tale.
    Thus, mayhaps we achieved greatness after all. ~



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