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Chronicle: An Attack Upon Sera Schonheit

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  • Chronicle: An Attack Upon Sera Schonheit

    Good denizens of the castle,

    In obedience to the will of the Court Chronicler Angron, and with the humblest hopes to only prove of assistance to the esteemed denizens of Marrach, I herewith scribe an occurrence as of late that hath transpired in the Dining Hall, with regards to the attack on sera Schonheit.

    At ten and a half bells Sunday morn last, sera Schonheit was taking breakfast in the dining hall when she was attacked by an unknown ser, believed to be newly awakened. All that is known at the time of this writing is that the suspect is a tall, rock-hard man of dusky complexion with a full head of snarled raven hair short and worn in a crew cut, and sports a thin goatee. A ser by name of Deathstar is wanted at this time by the watch for query.

    After the attack, the sera stumbled into the Outer Courtyard and did faint in the presence of myself, ser Zydane, sera Destini, Acolyte Gareth and others present. She was efficiently ministered to by sera Destini, who offers that her injuries are but minor. Sera Schonheit is expected to fully recover after rest.

    It has also been reported to this humble sera that there was no
    provocation on the part of sera Schonheit; and she has no good knowledge of why this ser chose to attack her having never seen him before this day.

    As of the reporting of this event, the ser has yet to be discovered, and the possible suspect

    In addition, this sera begs forgiveness for any error in this missive regarding this incident, and asks only to be informed of such so that they may be duly corrected.

    In service of the Chronicer Angron,
    Sorcha Du D'nan
    Aspirant Chronicler
    The yoke or the throne?

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