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  • Courtship announcement

    It is with great joy that I announce that sera Nizhoni Elswyth has this day consented to my request, and allowed me to pay court to her.

    Sir Davog D'Hart

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    Wait, aren't you her Daddy or something?

    I'm confused!

    [*little crudely-drawn frowny face with a question mark over it*]



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      Oooo how wonderful!!

      Congradulations!! All the best to you both!


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        My sincerest of congratulations to you both!

        I wish you both nothing but the utmost of happiness.


        ~ Honored Guest ~
        ~ Handmaiden to Her Majesty the Queen ~


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          Dear Sir:

          Though you already told me this joyous good news in person, I am very pleased to post here, most formally, my congratulations to you and sera Nizhoni. You are both wonderful people deserving the utmost joy and happiness.

          With much respect,

          Your friend,

          It is rarely wise to argue with a fool. The bystanders might not know who is who.


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            Dear Sir ~

            My heartfelt congradulations and humble respects to the both of ye. I pray ye find content in each others company and warmth in many days of laughter to come.

            Brighde Chridhe


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              Lady Sinvy
              Lady of Her Majesty's Court
              Mistress of the Cellars
              Sponsor of the Courtesy Circle


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                I am glad to see love spreading through this castle.

                All happiness to you both

                --Sera Jorja
                "I love you so much, I almost forgot to brood!"


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                  Congratulations to you both, Grandfather!

                  Handmaiden to Her Majesty, Queen Vivienne
                  Lead Apprentice to Mistress Ermengarde


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                    Niece Nizhoni and good Sir Knight,

                    My best wishes to you both.

                    May every joy attend you.

                    I am very pleasedly,

                    Corian Elswyth
                    Corian Elswyth

                    Valet to the Prince of Marrach
                    Royal Player, Principal
                    Master Engraver
                    Student of the Royal Collegium, Arts


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                      Congratulations to ye both. May ye be happy for many long days to come.


                      Squire Pete


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                        My warmest and most heartfelt congratulations and cheers.

                        This gladdens my heart above words and fills my day with joy and delight.

                        May your life together prosper and be joyous every day.
                        May love fill your heart in trouble and happiness.
                        May you always stand side by side, strong and proud.
                        May the grace of light fill your souls and bind you together forever.

                        Courtier of the Winter Court
                        Assistant to the Royal Venefice Her Ladyship Hieronyma
                        Fellow of Lexiography at the Royal Collegium

                        My pages - My deviant art
                        Per Aspera ad Astra


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                          I hope Margaret never finds out...
                          Rogra Beaumains


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                            I do genuinely wish Davog and Nizhoni the best and hate to be the one to pour water on the flames of love and all... but you can't formally 'court' when their intrinsic difference is so broad. He's a Knight, and she's only Honoured Guest?

                            Pressing suit, now that's something else. As far as I know, formal courting at this stage is a big no-no. She may live in the Inner, but it's because of her job, not her intrinsic status.

                            Sad as it is, people, rank does get in the way of romance sometimes. That's life.
                            - sera Caitlyn, Junior Chronicler.


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                              My warmest congratulations to you and Nizhoni, I wish you the greatest of happiness and love!
                              Katherina D'Hart
                              Honored Guest

                              "Love me or hate me, but spare me your indifference."
                              -- Libbie Fudim

                              "I hate and I love. Perhaps you ask why I do so. I do not know, but I feel it, and I am in torment."
                              -Catallus, Odes